The consumers, who value sleek looks, astounding and unbeatable performance, stock Android, and a value-driven price tag, without a spectre of doubt can choose OnePlus smartphones. A bunch of leaks have confirmed specs of the company’s upcoming smartphone, the OnePlus 6. Some of the specifications are not entirely surprising, such as the choice of processor. But the company confirmed that its new device would come with a notch. Apart from that, the rest of the design of the device is still up for debate.

Along with the very powerful mobile processor, the OnePlus 6 would also possess up to 8GB of RAM. Having that much RAM would let the users run as many apps as they want even without the slightest hint of slowing down, like the OnePlus 5T. The base variant of the OnePlus 5T model had 6GB of RAM priced at 500 dollars, and the higher-end 560 dollars model came up with 8GB of RAM. OnePlus provided a teaser picture of the OnePlus 6 that confirms the device would have a notch on the display.

According to Carl Pei, the OnePlus co-founder, the notch would be larger than the Essential Phone’s notch and smaller than the iPhone X’s. The OnePlus 6 would have up to 256GB of storage for the apps, videos, and photos, which is twice the amount of storage that came with the higher-end OnePlus 5T’s 128GB of storage. There is no mention of how much storage the base model would include. The base OnePlus 5T had 64GB, so the base OnePlus 6 too could come at 128GB that is twice the storage. But that is still a speculation at the current point.

Most of the OnePlus devices have had metal backs. There was a OnePlus phone, known as the OnePlus X that came with a ceramic and glass back, but it was a one-off device whose sales didn’t top the charts. A recently leaked picture on IThome suggests that the OnePlus 6 could come with a glass back, which lines up with the present trend of glass-backed smartphones. Having a glass back will enable wireless charging on the OnePlus 6, which is not possible on devices with metal backs. But with all this said, IThome has a laid-back reputation when it comes to leaks, so this rumor could be taken with a grain of salt.

The pricing rumors are yet wildly unconvincing at the current moment, but the consumers can hope OnePlus’ upcoming device to be slightly expensive than its predecessor. A value-driven price tag is one of the company’s largest differentiating features.

As far as the other specifications are concerned, users can expect the OnePlus 6 to come with a dual-lens camera system just like the OnePlus 5T did. A supposedly leaked OnePlus 6 specification sheet suggests that the dual-lens cameras would be 20 megapixels and 16 megapixels, and the selfie camera would be 20 megapixels. Even in accordance with the leak, the device’s battery would be a decently big 3,450 mAh, and the screen would be 6.28 inches with a 1080p full HD resolution.