EU agrees to sanctions against “Voice of Europe”.

Ukraine temporarily shuts off electricity across the country. Meanwhile, attacks on Kharkiv continue unabated. All information on news blog.

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Zelenskyj: The situation in the Kharkiv region has stabilized somewhat

10:06 PM: In Ukraine’s east, President Volodymyr Zelenskiy says the situation has somewhat stabilized in the Kharkiv region, which has been hit hard by Russian troops. “The aggressor who occupied the Kharkiv region will be destroyed using all available means,” Zelensky said in his evening video message in Kyiv. “Artillery, drones and our infantry work very precisely.” To some extent, the situation has been rectified.

Ukraine conference: More than 50 pledges – but still nothing from China

7:44 pm: A month before the Ukraine peace conference in Switzerland, more than 50 countries have already agreed, but one important one has yet to sign: “China has not yet signed up,” Swiss federal president Viola Amherd admitted Wednesday after a meeting with the chancellor. Olaf Scholz in Berlin, but adds: “We assume that there will be changes in this list of participants until the last moment.”

Switzerland has invited some 160 countries to discuss possible paths to a lasting peace in Ukraine on June 15 and 16. Russia, which attacked Ukraine two years ago, was not invited. On the other hand, there is Ukraine.

Ukraine calls Robotine hoax a Russian capture

6:05 PM: Ukraine rejects Russia’s claim that its forces captured the village of Robotyn in the southern Zaporozhye region. “This information is not true,” Ukrainian military spokesman Dmytro Bledenchuk said, according to Ukrainform news agency. The Defense Ministry in Moscow said Russian forces had advanced not only in Kharkiv in the northeast but also in Zaporozhye in the south, capturing the town of Robotin there.

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Putin has called for more speed in arms production

5:39 PM: Two years after the start of the invasion of Ukraine, Russian President Vladimir Putin has called for a significant acceleration in arms production. “We must double and even triple our efforts in this direction,” the Kremlin leader said at a meeting with defense ministry representatives on Wednesday. Russia can stay one step ahead of Ukraine in the war only if it introduces the most modern weapon systems as soon as possible. He also justifies the appointment of Deputy Prime Minister Andrei Beloussov as the new Defense Minister with the need for innovation and efficient management.

Estonia passes law to hand over frozen Russian money

5:20 PM: Estonia has created the legal basis for transferring frozen Russian assets to Russia-hit Ukraine. Parliament in Tallinn has passed a law allowing Russian assets frozen as part of sanctions against Russia to be used to compensate for war damages. 65 MPs voted with three votes against the government-proposed regulation, which must now be approved by President Alor Karis.

Putin: The attack is going as planned

4:55 PM: According to President Vladimir Putin, the Russian offensive in Ukraine is going according to plan. The armed forces are getting better every day, he said at a meeting in the Kremlin with new Defense Minister Andrei Beloussov and top generals.

“The more effective you are on the front lines, the better chance we have of solving this problem peacefully,” he tells them. Russian troops have recently landed.

EU agrees to sanctions against “Voice of Europe”.

3:49 pm: EU countries have agreed to sanctions against the pro-Russian internet portal “Voice of Europe” and three Russian media outlets in the Czech Republic, according to diplomats. Besides “Voice of Europe”, Russian news agency RIA Novosti and “Izvestia” and “Rossiyskaya Gazeta” spoke out in favor of an EU-wide publishing ban in Brussels on Wednesday, when member states’ permanent representatives spoke out in Brussels. Affected. The EU accuses Ukraine of “propaganda” for a war of aggression.

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