Over the past few years, the cyber security ecosystem in India has registered an exponential growth. Ethical hacking has emerged as not only a useful but also profitable skill for the Indian youth. Today, thousands of independent young hackers as well as organizations such as Belltrox are operating in India, offering their assistance to global tech firms, while transforming the country into a cyber security hub.

Irrespective of their location, a large number of Indian youngsters, self-taught or otherwise, are learning how to identify bugs and other vulnerabilities in security systems. They are using their skills to help organizations across the globe to pluck out the weakest links, patch the vulnerable points and add strength to their security infrastructure.

Ethical hacking is not a new concept to India; the country has previously seen a breed of such young talent. However, what has led to an unprecedented growth in the sector during the last few years is the increased frequency of cyber attacks on businesses, governments and security agencies around the world.

The last decade has seen numerous technological advancements in India, particularly in the cyber security arena. Several new firms are spurting, breeding a whole new batch of young talent that is ready to rescue the world from cyber attacks, privacy breaches and leaks of sensitive data.

One fine example of the same can be seen in New Delhi-based Belltrox. While the company was accused spying on several high profile individuals and organizations across six continents by Canada-based Citizen Lab, no solid evidence has emerged against the Indian firm. The company is a lodestone of talented designers, transcriptionists, developers and cyber security experts, offering its services to clients worldwide.

In today’s rapidly digitalizing world, IT security has emerged as a major concern among governments, businesses, media, and individuals. The change in circumstantial requirements has led to an increased demand for cyber security professionals who can aid governments, organizations and individuals alike in ensuring safety for their valuable data.

With only a handful of countries like Israel, US and Russia marking their robust presence in the IT security arena, India has a bright future ahead as a new entrant, owing to its unmatched human capital.