Essential, a smart phone manufacturing company has announced that it will give a headphone jack to its device very soon. Essential has already debuted in Sprint stores. As per Andy Rubin, Founder of Essential, the device will soon get the headphone jack and will also get the latest Android Oreo 8.0 update soon. For this, Essential is currently working on a project.

While attending a program in a Reddit Ask-Me-Anything, Rubin gave some information on the Essential phone and some gadgets that will be launched in the near future.

When asked regarding Essential’s upcoming gadgets for its mobile phone, Rubin informed that the company is working on many Click connector accessories. But a charging dock will be the first release by the company for the Essential phone. The company is also working on a gadget, i.e., a high-end audio accessory which will give the user to use the 3.5 mm headphone jack in the Essential phone.

Like Apple, Essential also launched its phone by removing headphone jack. As per Dave Evans, VP of Design, Essential, the headphone port will give a bezel at the bottom and may also reduce the battery power by 10 percent.  Before this, the Essential phones already received a USB-C to 3.5 mm dongle. The release date for the upcoming devices is yet to be finalized by the company.

Even though the first production software update has been given to its device, the Essential phone is still running on Android Nougat. During the Reddit AMA, the users had got an update that their device will receive latest Android updates.

Talking about Android updates to its phone, Rebecca Zavin, VP of Software, Essential said that the device would get updated to Android Oreo 8 in coming months. If it happens, then till the year end, the Essential phone will be upgraded to the Oreo 8.

However, after these two important announcements may be now people can think to buy the Essential phone. The phone has also tested through a durability test. The phone has been priced $700. Till now some positive review has been received that the phone can be an alternative to iPhones and Galaxy devices.