Equalizer 3 sets its stopwatch and takes out the box office

equalizer 3
picture: Stefano Montesi, Sony Pictures

after last week Image finishedwhere Gran Turismo I hardly managed to win Barbie For the first place at the domestic box office, we returned to the regular finale with a decisive victory: Of course, that victory came at the hands of Robert Equalizer, Denzel Washington’s highly capable (now retired) hitman from equalizer 3, with his third and final adventure coming out at $34.5 million. That was easy enough to get over Barbiewhich made $10 million that weekend and has just over $600 million in the US after seven weeks.

blue beetle It is holding up respectably, staying in third place for the second week in a row with totals of $7 million and $56 million, giving it a slight edge over Gran Turismowhich dropped to fourth place b difficult He’s down 62 percent and has just $28 million after two weeks. Finishing the top five is Oppenheimerwhich made $5 million this weekend and has just over $300 million in the US after those same seven weeks. Barbie It was (remember when they opened the same day? Barpenheimer? That was seven weeks ago).

the lower five Among the top ten has a very remarkable success story, with bottoms Gradually expanding its offering and jumping more than 500 percent from what it was last week. It only made $3 million this weekend, but that’s a per-screen average that’s second only to equalizer 3Average, so it should continue to do well as it hits more theatres. Other than that, not a lot of interesting things happen. Talk to me It has held up well, we think. There’s a great summer horror movie (it made $44 million after six weeks, which isn’t a ton, but it looks like it has pretty good legs).

Top 10 complete from Box office mojo below.

  1. equalizer 3
  2. Barbie
  3. blue beetle
  4. Gran Turismo
  5. Oppenheimer
  6. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Mutant Chaos
  7. bottom
  8. MiG-2: The Trench
  9. electrolytes
  10. Talk to me
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