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This discovery would have changed the world…

On its website, the “Tagesschau” presented Friday’s alleged technological vision: a “television that generates energy instead of consuming it”.

The TV is powered by radio waves, so it does not require a power cable. Not only that: “even if the TV is turned off, it can still power other things”. Then the TV becomes an “energy-generating microsonic device.”

A reporter from the ARD studio in Johannesburg promoted his contribution on Twitter: “No cable, no additional radiation, no emissions, no consumption of raw materials. It seems part of the solution to the energy crisis.

The problem: It sounds too good to be true — and it is.

Maxwell Chikumbutso, the alleged inventor who elaborated his idea in the Tageschau article, is nothing new: several years ago he presented an electric car because it was powered by magnetic waves and radio frequencies. On sale for $499. The AP News Agency and other fact-checkers exposed the “sentiment” as fake news.

Does Tagesshaw author not know this? And didn’t anyone else on the Tagesschau editorial board notice the “scientific sense” before it hit the internet? BILD asked NDR, but did not receive a statement on short notice.

In the post, Maxwell Chikumbutso explains: “TV in a way uses free, renewable and green energy. No emissions, no consumption, no raw materials. It converts them using radio waves.

But the author of the “Tagesschau” not only believes in the invention – she also takes the story that she does not like it only because she is from Africa. If the inventor makes himself heard, miracle television will solve many problems around the world, Tageschau wants you to believe.

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“Deutsche Welle” (under public law, but not financed by broadcasting license fees, but by taxes) took a further contribution, complaining that “this is a great idea that has already been implemented. But she has not yet caught on. This is also related to a large part of racism.

In his contribution, the author laments: “The discovery may set a precedent, but little attention is paid to South Africa’s discoveries”. Chikumbutso’s “Ideas can have great success. Yet in most parts of Europe he is not even heard of,” the author writes.

Sigumbutso wants to “give rural people access to its wireless television (…)” in Africa. Also: “Scientists from Europe have not yet verified his discovery. However, Maxwell believes it will be attractive to the Western world as well, for example to Germany.”

Chikumbutso invented something else: “Street lights are not powered by solar energy, but by radio waves – another invention of Chikumbutso. They are already flashing in Mexico and North America.

Researchers from the United States have confirmed that the invention actually works, allowing the inventor to state in an article in the so-called “Tagesschau”. “Incorporating locally available materials in Zimbabwe, researchers from the US spent a long time testing and tinkering with everything. They would have confirmed that it actually works.

His contribution went online and there was already a lot of ridicule and criticism, the Tagesschau editor admits on Twitter: “Maxwell Chikumbutso says that despite all my inquiries, I have not been able to contact the scientists from the United States. , who should have investigated and verified the alleged discovery. He wants to develop it, he says. That’s what I should have said in the tweet.”

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The post is no longer available on the Tagesschau website on Friday evening. NTR explained: “After the publication, we critiqued the text, which we sent to the editor. The editor reviews the information and asked us to take the article offline. We have complied with this request.” This text “comes from a standard offering by ART Radio reporters.”

The author of the article is from SWR, an organization of all people Now the new ARD president will present Kai Gniffke.

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