Dunes: Spice Wars is getting an Early Access release date

Sand Dunes: Spice Warsthe new strategy game based on the sci-fi world of Frank Herbert and the new movie adaptation, will be released Steam Early Access for PC on April 26.

Publisher Funcom and developer Shiro Games – which made him highly respected Northguard – Also confirmed that Freeman will be one of the four playable factions in the game at launch. (The homes of Harkonnen and Atreides have already been announced, as well as a faction of smugglers.) The game pits the four factions against each other on the desert planet of Arrakis, vying for control of their most precious resource, spices.

The desert freeman naturally moves faster around hostile landscapes than other species, tolerates conditions better, and attracts less attention than sandworms. They can even use sandworms as a fast travel mechanism. They excel in stealth and guerrilla tactics, and their goal is to rally all the churches (Freeman communities) across the planet and drive out the imperial invaders. Their leader is Late Kaines (character played by Sharon Duncan Brewster in the 2021 movie), and her daughter Chaney (Zendaya in the movie) appears as one of her advisors.

Photo: Shiro Games / Funcom

Sand Dunes: Spice Wars he is Real-time strategy game with 4X oversized elements, including a map of the outside world. Military power must be balanced with infiltration, resource production, and even political influence to succeed. It looks a bit like Total War. Initial Early Access Edition Will not include multiplayer Or any single player campaigns that are driven by a story.

Funcom is also developing a file Open world multiplayer survival game Set in a dune world.

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