Drug, violence, illegal beach parties – new activities! This is how Malley is now being cracked down on – News Abroad

The Malle season has just begun – the already dead and wounded are first.

One jumped to his death on a 25-meter-high cliff, while another fell while balcony, was allegedly raped by two German comrades and set on fire by a group of bowling brothers from Munster.

Headlines that no holiday paradise wants.

Mayor Jose Hila welcomes the reinforcementsPhoto: Palma City Council

Palma’s Mayor Jose Hila, along with the city’s first mayor and security official, Jonah Atrover, said Friday that Playa de Palma was reason enough to inform the public about the increased police action against Palmerman.

Its purpose is to ensure the safety of residents and tourists, to act quickly against violence and to reduce the number of accidents and the costs associated with this reserve. For this purpose, temporary offices will be set up at various locations in Playa de Palma.

In addition, two patrol units, one vehicle from the Rapid Response Force, one vehicle from the Accident Vehicle Division, two motorcycle patrols, three bicycle lanes, two vehicles from the Emergency Prevention Force, and one vehicle from the Integrated Security Division (local police unit to monitor compliance with city orders) ), Three local police vehicles and additional pedestrian patrols for Playa de Palma.

In particular, in Playa de Palma, which has been declared a special intervention zone, the Task Force will take action against drugs, violence, illicit trade, noise pollution, pollution, illegal gatherings (e.g. beach parties) and any other violations. Municipal Orders. This includes preventing and prosecuting robbery, counterfeiting and other criminal offenses.

Police point out that minor violations can be punishable by up to € 100 and serious violations can be fined up to 3,000. Disruption of public order can already be explained as a particularly serious violation in the case of excessive alcohol consumption!

Restaurants and bars that violate municipal regulations, such as a ban on selling food and beverages outside the home, closing hours or illegal advertising within special restrictions, will be fined between ,000 6,000 and ,000 600,000.

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