Donald Trump’s allies are confused by the Cohen report

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Michael Cohen, who was once Donald Trump’s right-hand man, has now testified against him in the money trial. Son Eric Trump was stunned.

NEW YORK — The 77-year-old has pleaded guilty to paying ex-porn star Stormy Daniels in the money trial against Donald Trump, his former lawyer Michael Cohen. The $130,000 was not about his family, it was about the election campaign. Eric Trump, the former president’s son, was furious after Cohen’s testimony in a New York court.

“A criminal and a porn actress testify” – Eric Trump in his father’s money trial

In an interview with TV host Laura Ingraham, Eric Trump told the American broadcaster Fox News, Cohen was furious at Trump for being denied a White House job. “He’s a criminal and he’s banned,” Eric Trump said. The 40-year-old was referring to the fact that Cohen spent three years in prison for violating campaign finance laws.

Eric Trump listens to his father, former US President Donald Trump, address the media as he leaves the courtroom after a hearing in Manhattan Criminal Court in New York. © Justin Lane/EPA Poole via AP/dpa

In his conversation with Ingraham, Eric Trump continued to try to discredit the witnesses in the trial: “The main witnesses are a convicted felon who lost his license – and a porn actress.”

Prosecutors accuse Trump of trying to improve his chances of winning the 2016 presidential election by paying porn star Stormy Daniels $130,000. While the payments weren’t illegal, Trump allegedly manipulated the documents when refunding Cohen to hide the real reason for the transaction. This made the payments illegal campaign financing.

Then-presidential candidate Trump ordered payments to Stormy Daniels shortly before the 2016 US election and promised to return the money, Cohen said in court in New York on Monday (May 13).

Eric Trump talks about a lot of resentment and resentment toward Cohen

Moderator Laura Ingraham asked Eric Trump Fox NewsHow could Michael Cohen have been hired – she considers him an “idiot”. Trump dodged the question, instead saying he now has a lot of resentment and hatred toward Cohen.

Michael Cohen testified against Donald Trump as a key witness in the money trial.
Michael Cohen testified against Donald Trump as a key witness in the money trial. © IMAGO/Cheriss May/ZUMA Press

But Eric Trump also seems to have his own displeasure. This was reported by the American website Rastory The former president’s son was spotted using his cell phone in the Manhattan courtroom despite Judge Juan Mercant banning the use of mobile devices in court.

NBC News drew attention to the incident. The judge also banned Donald Trump from speaking. The 77-year-old is not allowed to compel anyone to discuss potential witnesses in the case. It is unclear whether Eric Trump violated this rule. According to the report, Michael Cohen was sitting behind his father when he tweeted about the statement.

Donald Trump has been particularly noticed lately Fox News and rely on their experts. This was reported by the American website Mediator On Monday, after leaving the courtroom in New York, Trump quoted several media figures as saying he should not stand trial.

The former president read several excerpts from various experts who criticized the case. Trump quoted Michael Smergonish from the television network CNNBut most of them are regular guests Fox News: Andy McCarthy, Mark Thiessen, Jonathan Turley and Byron Yorke. According to the report, Trump also talked about frequent Fox guest Matt Whittaker.

Donald Trump seems particularly fond of Jonathan Turley’s opinion, writes Mediator Further. Regarding Michael Cohen’s testimony, Turley tweeted on Tuesday (May 14): “How bad will cross-examination be for Michael Cohen? After lying to Congress, the courts, the banks and just about everyone else, things are going to get worse. Under cross-examination, Cohen faces a calumny of biblical proportions.

Donald Trump wants to run against current US President Joe Biden in the US presidential election to be held in November. Trump currently faces a total of four lawsuits. One of them was the hush money that former porn star Stormy Daniels received in 2016. He is accused of attacking the US Capitol in 2021 and conspiring in 2020/2021 Georgia to tamper with secret documents and election results at Mar-a-Lago in 2022.

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