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Dodge Challenger Drag Pack with Twin-Turbo I6 Looks Wrong


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Like it or not, the modern Hemi V8 engine is one of the icons of modern performance. He made the loud and thundering V8 available to everyone, bad on credit or not. OK, Yes, it’s a general nuisance when it comes to rogue Dodge Challengers and Chargers roaming the streets, but anyone who drives them can’t help but love them. And after you listen to this video of testing the Challenger’s twin-turbocharged Hurricane drag-six at Roadkill Nights, you’ll start to miss it, too.

Dodge has made a perfect fit for the departure of the Hemi V8 after this generation of cars. It was almost Pagani Zonda-esque in that there were models that looked like the last, and usually another, more special V8-powered model right behind them. The third-generation HEMI engine has been around since the early 2000s and saw constant iterations until finally becoming a cultural staple in the mid-2000s. Now, the V8 engine and its sound have been woven into popular culture, with Hemi becoming a household name brand.

But a naturally aspirated or supercharged V8 can’t exist forever in this world. It is one of the last cars standing next to the Chevy small block and Ford Coyote. Emissions and fuel economy requirements are getting tougher, and every automaker has an exit strategy. Dodge is going with the sixth hurricane.

Of course, there can be huge energy potential with a hurricane. Once it has a huge turbo and a louder exhaust, it will probably sound even worse. But as he sits, he doesn’t match Hemi’s voice even a bit. Give it some time, I’m sure Dodge will figure it out.

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