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Diablo 4 developers are dropping a big hint about the highly sought-after cow level


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IGN had the opportunity to speak to Diablo 4 production manager Tiffany Wat and associate game director Joe Piepiora at BlizzCon 2023, and they dropped a pretty big hint about the highly sought-after but yet to be confirmed cow level.

Since the beginning of Diablo 4’s second season, players have taken a big step towards solving the mystery of the cow level that has players endlessly searching for the urban legend-turned-meme-turned-Diablo level in this latest game.

As it turns out, players can earn three “items of great interest,” one at a time, if they kill 666 cows. Players can only earn one of these relics per week, but it appears that all three can be used to craft a key to access the Forlorn Hovel, a location that many believe is where the elusive portal to the Cow Level in Diablo 4 hides.

We asked Wat and Piepiora about this new development in the community, and they had some fun before giving fans an exciting hint.

“Did you say cow level?” Pepiura joked after we asked how good the cow was.

“Yes, cow level,” IGN’s Matt Kim responded.

“It seems kind of ridiculous,” Watt said. “I mean, I think I heard a lot of guys were slaughtering cows.”

“Just poor innocent cows in the Diablo countryside?” Bibiura asked with a smile.

“Poor, innocent cows at the shelter,” Watt said. “I mean, the sanctuary is not a good place to be, even as a cow. However, I will say, if people pick up any items from their cow drive…cow slaughter drive…they should hold on to them.” for them.”

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“I don’t know what you’re talking about,” Pepiora said in response.

Although we may have to wait to fully solve this Cow Level mystery, Blizzard has revealed that Diablo 4’s first expansion will be called Vessel of Hatred and that it will arrive in late 2024. We haven’t learned much about the expansion yet, but it will take place in an area called Nahantu and will relate to the fate of Mephisto and his plans for the sanctuary. Furthermore, it will include a brand new Diablo class that has never been seen before.

For more, check out everything announced so far at BlizzCon 2023.

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