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Deus Ex / System Shock Creator thinks NFTs are a bad idea


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A photo of Warren Spector from 2012.

Photo: Will Ireland Magazine / PSM3 (Getty Images)

Remember NFTs? You know, those weird digital receipts are mysteriously connected to the horrific images of monkeys and apes that people have spent millions of dollars on over the past year or so. Well, while many seem to have moved forwardWarren Spector is here to remind us all that they’re still pretty silly and a waste of time. That’s why I say: Thank you.

Spector, the creative partner and designer behind many beloved PC games Including The former godAnd the Recently sat down and talked to him VentureBeat About his career and future. During that interview, he was asked about NFTs and the blockchain. He didn’t utter words about how he felt, telling the outlet that the whole concept was just “ridiculous.”

“Here I’m going to have a problem,” said Spector. VentureBeat. “I’m literally going to give me hell for what I’m going to say, but I really don’t think I care. Ridiculous NFTs.”

He went on to explain that he did not understand why anyone would “want to get on that wagon.” He also said that the idea of ​​people having virtual goods that could be reproduced unlimitedly and instantly was a bad idea, and he wondered who would think otherwise.

“So, NFTs, I have no interest,” Spector summed up.

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When it comes to a digital idea, Including Metaverse Including virtual reality and the internet, Spector wasn’t quick to account for it or call it a bad idea. However, he said he doesn’t like the concept, adding that he gave up on social media a few years ago and that the metaverse looks like more than that. Although he admitted that the metaverse might happen one day, Especially since big companies like Facebook pour a lot of money into it. But it will be a long time from now before it’s fully established, which Spector thanks you.

“Metaverse, sure, maybe someday,” Spector said. “But honestly, it will be a long time after I’m gone. I’m happy about that. I love to live in the real world. “

If you’d like to read more about Spector’s thoughts on the metaverse and its future game, check full VentureBeat Interview.


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