Destiny 2 is slated for a release on September 6, but players who’ve pre-ordered a physical or digital copy of the game get access to Destiny 2 beta. When the game finally launches on the PS4, Xbox One, as well as the PC, players are likely to come across several weapon customization options which were missing in its predecessor. For instance, it’ll feature a slew of different weapon slots such as energy, kinetic, and power as opposed to the primary, secondary, and heavy weapon slots in the original Destiny.

Fans of the original game had one major gripe, which was to do with the lack of customization options for weapons, or for your character. However, Developer Bungie is expected to take care of that in the upcoming Destiny 2. Thanks to a Reddit user, who pointed out some key details about customizations from the Destiny 2 beta gameplay.

Image Credits: EireneRR4_/Imgur

According to him, Destiny 2 will feature an array of different mods and shaders that’ll allow players to make them their own. He further notes that the game will have several empty slots with weapons, which suggests that players can include new powers and colors for these slots and other power-ups found in the game.

Destiny 2 beta also gives us a taste of the game’s top-notch graphics alongside its breathtaking universe. While it certainly looks similar to the original Destiny, but visually, it’s quite a notch up compared its predecessor. The beta manages to truly showcase the power of current-gen hardware with richer textures and sharper details. Put simply, Bungie will likely give us a gorgeous world to explore when the game finally launches this fall.

Bungie plans to make Destiny 2 it’s best-selling title ever, and the game’s beta certainly manages to deliver on that front. We have our fingers crossed and just like the beta, we hope that the finished product also surprises us in a good way.

Destiny 2 is set for a release on September 6 on the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. Sony and Bungie have announced a limited edition Destiny 2 PS4 Pro bundle that’ll be available when the game releases this fall. The PC version of the game launches on October 24.