Capcom’s hack-and-slash horror game Dead Rising 4 isn’t an Xbox exclusive anymore, as the hack and slash horror game is also set to arrive on the PlayStation 4. Dead Rising 4: Frank’s Big Package is coming to the PS4, which will include all downloadable content along with a new mode called ‘Capcom Heroes’.

In Capcom Heroes, players can wear outfits of over a dozen classic characters from the publisher’s history, along with special weapons and abilities. It also comes with other downloadable content which include the Super Ultra Dead Rising 4 mini-golf as well as the ‘Frank Rising’ story add-on. As name suggests, Frank Rising add-on finds protagonist Frank West infected with the zombie virus who needs to find the cure before time runs out.

To recall, Dead Rising 4 was unveiled back in E3 2016 exclusively on the Xbox One and PC. Xbox One version of the game launched on December 6 last year, and PS4 owners would soon get their hands on the game when it goes on sale this December. Gamers will have to shell out $49.99 when it goes on sale on December 5th, while players who own the Xbox One or PC version of the game will get Capcom Heroes mode for free as a part of the update.