Czech police, in collaboration with intelligence services, have managed to cub an organized espionage network of Russian origin that has been based at its Prague embassy. They were assisted in this operation by their counterparts at the National Organized Crime Centre (NCOZ). 

It is alleged in the cyberattack, the gang targeted the computer servers. 

One of the officials hinted that the cyber spies were planning to attack facilities in Czech as well as overseas. 

A report from Michal Koudelka, who is the head of the Czech Republic’s BIS intelligence, confirms that cybercrime organizations was gotten rid of. Furthermore, he stated that the gang is just a small team that belongs to a bigger and more organized illegal group originating from Russia, and they operate in countries across Europe. Apart from Russian attackers, Koudelka also is concerned about the influx of Chinese cyber attackers in the country. 

The Czech CTK news agency quoted Michal Koudelka when he appeared in parliament as having said, “The network was destroyed and decimated.” He further said, “It was created by people with links to Russian intelligence services and financed from Russia and the Russian embassy.”

Back in August, another parliamentary committee in the Czech Republic gave a revelation that the National Cyber and Information Security Agency set the blame on a foreign state for a cyberattack whose target was a Czech Foreign Ministry. The committee, however, did not give information on the particular foreign country that carried out the cyber-attack. In the past, Daily N, a Czech independent daily, has pointed the finger at Russia numerous times concerning cyber-attacks that have been carried out on the country’s foreign ministry in June. 

Last year, going by the report that the NUKIB Czech Intelligence agency published in September, a significant attack was carried out on a critical government institution within the country by China. The NUKIB agency reported that the cyberattack “was almost certainly carried out by a state actor or a related group,” and suspected the leading player was “a Chinese actor.”