The new Apple iPhone 8 Plus may have just started arriving at the consumer’s end but some have ‘split open,’ sparking concern among a section of buyers. Apple, on its part, has said they are already aware of the problem and are already looking into the matter.

It is at least two iPhone 8 Plus that so far has been reported to have exhibited the strange phenomenon, that of the front display splitting open from the rest of the handset, 9to5Mac reported. From the looks of it, what seems evident is that the display is in some sort of a stress, and is bending outwards.

One of the incident happened in Taiwan where the owner said they had put the phone on charge but found the display tending to split off outwards. The owner also confirmed it is the company supplied charging accessories that were being used, ruling out the chances of any external interference contributing to the issue. The particular phone was used for just five days and the split occurred within three minutes of it being on charge.

The other incident was reported from Japan where the owner said the iPhone 8 Plus was already split open when the package arrived. It is unlikely a visibly faulty iPhone might have been packed given Apple’s adherence to some of the most strict quality control measures. Instead, chances are that the phone split open while in transit, which again proves the issues is internal to the device itself.

Apple however is yet to come up with anything conclusive on this to explain the strange scenario. Some experts though opine the devil could be in the battery, or the lack of enough binding material (which can be either glue or screws) which has led to the device to split open.

Also, with just two units found defective so far, it can also be a stray incident after all. Maybe a disgruntled worker somewhere might have goofed things up a bit, either deliberately or just by chance. If that be the case, the issue will likely be limited to a particular batch only.

However, if there are more iPhone 8 Plus found reporting the same behavior; it could be the beginning of a bigger problem for Apple. It could then point to the issue being due to faulty design, with not enough binding spots made available to hold the device together firmly. Unlikely that sure sounds given Apple’s famed commitment to quality but can’t be ruled out either.

Further, the lack of enough outlets to channel the internal heat out could also lead to the display splitting out. The heat again could either emanate from the processor or the battery.

In any case, it will be interesting to see what the real issue is, or how Apple tackles it. That said, the incident does bring faint memories of the exploding Note 7 back. At least the iPhone 8 Plus aren’t exploding, which no doubt could have been a far more serious concern for Apple.