Superpower countries will go at extreme lengths to protect and carefully guard their secrets. Could Saudi Arabia be going down the same path? A Washington Post journalist, Jamal Khashoggi, an ardent Saudi critic, was tracked down, slain, and murdered in cold blood.  The USA security council has firm beliefs that Saudi was directly involved, especially after Saudi dissident Omar Abdulaziz filed an allegation that his phone was used to intercept and trace communication between him and Jamal Khashoggi. Moreover, this is not the first time that UN rapporteurs are flagging down Saudi’s secret mission operatives.

Social media propaganda

Undoubtedly, Saudi is trying to join the leagues of sophisticated cybersecurity owners, even though she can’t make her own. Either way, the country has rich oil fields with stinking millions of dollars to spend on any latest Cyber Arsenal Spyware. Shockingly, the Saudi government doesn’t use this technology to spy or destroy other superpowers but instead uses it for social media deployments of disinformation campaigns.

This news is not hitting the headlines for the first time because, in August last year, Facebook banned and deactivated hundreds of Saudi Arabia government’s accounts and their page affiliates. Facebook believed that Saudi was up to spreading malice information about neighboring countries, which in violation of its policies and user agreement.

Following two months after this incident, Twitter followed suit by permanently deactivating thousands of Saudi-backed accounts. In addition to that, tens of thousands of affiliate accounts were suspended indefinitely!

Amazon’s Chief Executive Officer Jeff Bezos hacked

United Nations special rapporteurs believe that spying software with resourceful espionage was acquired illegally and purportedly used to hack Bezos’s phone. Reports indicate that the software was put into practice by the Saudi Arabian government without judicial control. However, the software has been linked to that provided by the Israeli’s NSO Group that was used to track down and murder Jamal. The company that acquired the latter software, Memento Labs, has since distanced itself, saying that the technology used to track and kill Jamal has no links or ties to Israeli’s NSO Group. Memento Labs has also featured in another controversial software acquisition from Italy’s Hacking Team.

Is Bezos’s reputation or company at risk?

It is now no secret that Saudi is a leading cybersecurity owner through acquisition. Social media will still remain the most efficient Saudi’s tool for character assassination and propagation of malice disinformation among her neighboring countries. Saudi surveillance has gone top-notch, and if Bezos’s allegations are correct, then he’ll likely suffer a significant silence and boycotting blow.

It is captured that Saudi Arabia has no capacity to make sophisticated Cyber capabilities, which the USA has no problem with, but when it comes to acquisition, they make a pro!

Nevertheless, it is that time we are patient and need to see how Saudi deploys Cyber Arsenal Spyware to exert control or spy on dissidents and journalists who threaten to expose their closely guarded secrets.