Corona on “Main Ship Hers”: Morocco does not allow German tourists to land – News Abroad

Moroccan authorities have banned a German cruise ship from anchored in the port of Tangier due to a corona infection among passengers.

According to the news site Le360, Tui Cruises shipping company “Mein Schiff Herz” is due to arrive at the dock in Tangier (northern Morocco) from Lisbon on Tuesday. However, the port administration banned most German tourists aboard the ship.

Godja Sönnichsen, a spokeswoman for Tui Cruises, told BILD that “Mein Schiff Herz” then went to an alternative port. “The ship left for Cadiz in Spain a day before the schedule, allowing guests to explore Andalusia in two days. The reactions to this were mostly positive and the mood among the guests was good.

1900 passengers were fitted on the “Main Ship Hers”Photo: Image Alliance / CHROMORANGE

The Port Authority based its goal on a report by Moroccan health officials, which recorded an “increase” in corona cases among passengers. The ship can carry up to 1900 passengers and 780 crew.

In view of the renewed spread of the virus, especially in large cities, Moroccan authorities on Tuesday decided to raise the alert level from “light green” to “orange”. The head in charge of the Ministry of Health asked people to wear masks again as a precautionary measure in closed rooms and busy places.

After two difficult years due to the epidemic, Morocco’s major tourism industry is now in high season. The country alone counts about three million citizens living in Europe who want to go back to their homeland for summer vacation.

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