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Kim’s dream come true: Corona hits her country!

No cases of Govt-19 have been reported for two years, but now North Korea has officially acknowledged one death in the country after being infected with the virus for the first time.

Six people have died since the end of April – for reasons not yet clear, with an outbreak of fever spreading across the country, Kim Jong-un’s propaganda media reported on Friday. People are encouraged to rinse their mouths with salt water and drink milk.

“More than 350,000 people contracted the flu in a short period of time,” it says. Omigron substrate PA2 is said to have been found in one death.

The country, which has been isolated for the first time since the onset of the corona epidemic two years ago, has officially confirmed the outbreak with the pathogen.

“When Kim Jong-un personally acknowledges the corona eruption to the public, it becomes clear that this is a serious situation for North Korea because the country already has a catastrophic health system and no testing and vaccination capabilities. Economically, sanctions and self-imposed corona The country is on the ground because of isolation, ”Korean expert Hartmut Koskik told BILD.

Pyongyang: The teacher measures a student’s body temperaturePhoto: Cha Sang Ho / DPA

“Big Bang”

South Korea now considers it a “massive explosion of Govt-19” in the neighboring country. The Seoul government provided support. His office in Seoul has announced that President Eun-suk-yol wants to vaccinate North Korea against the disease.

The relevant offer should be sent through the Ministry of Coordinating. South Korean news agency Yonhap quoted a government official as saying that North Korea had not yet asked for help.

More than 162,000 people have fully recovered from the sudden flu, according to North Korean reports. However, approximately 188,000 patients in isolation will still receive treatment. However, it was not initially clear how many people were actually infected with the corona virus.

Disinfected at a grocery store

Disinfected at a grocery storePhoto: John Sol Gin / DPA

“State’s most serious emergency”

According to observers, these numbers indicate the possible magnitude of the corona eruption in the country. Experts have long warned that a major explosion could be difficult to deal with due to North Korea’s inadequate health care system. North Korea itself spoke of “the state’s most serious emergency.”

“North Korea has resumed missile testing and is flexing its” military muscles, “he said at his inauguration this week. .

The media has reported that the corona has now spread across the country. This was reported by dictator Kim Jong-un when he visited the Epidemiology Center in Pyongyang.

“Various vaccines are being offered from the outside, but North Korea has rejected them. Importing two million doses as part of the WHO’s Kovacs campaign failed because of the apparent need – who vaccines and who does not – and logistics, for example, to allow foreigners into the country. Should, ”says Christian Docs to Dr. Bildt from the Friedrich Naumann Foundation in Seoul.

Corona infection strikes a country that cannot even cope with the test capabilities

Corona infection strikes a country that does not even have test capabilityPhoto: Cha Sang Ho / DPA

Kim has locked everything up

Kim ordered a nationwide lockdown on Thursday. All cities and districts must be under strict locking. It is not clear how people are being maintained during the curfew order.

According to the United Nations, the vast majority of the country’s population of about 26 million are malnourished or malnourished.

“The fear is that the already troubled distribution to large sections of the population will become even more difficult. The impact on the economy will be severe. Further improvements are unpredictable, but the highest alert level is now certain,” Docs said.

There may be a Supersprader event: Kim's military parade two weeks ago

There may be a Supersprader event: Kim’s military parade two weeks agoPhoto: via KCNA / REUTERS

During a visit to the state Epidemiology Center, state media reported that the dictator had complained that there was a “vulnerability point” in the existing emergency prevention system.

Kim quoted that every work and production facility and all living units should be isolated from each other. He hopes that the relevant authorities will “clear the evidence for the spread of the malicious epidemic”.

There is money for that: heavy weapons - but not for basic medical care

There is money for heavy weapons – but not for basic medical treatmentPhoto: via KCNA / REUTERS

Big rockets, but no medical infrastructure for the people: “Practically everything is gone, strategies that other nations have been developing for more than two years now need to be developed and implemented. Not enough hospital beds, medical devices and medicines aside, there is not even the test capability to provide information on the number of infections, ”Docs explains.

The communist leadership initially closed national borders due to the epidemic. As of Thursday, North Korea was one of the few countries that did not even report an infection to the World Health Organization. Abroad, North Korea’s claims that there is no corona have been questioned. The virus is believed to have entered the country through neighboring China and black market activities.

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