Apple, despite trying to maintain a hush-hush approach about the features of its much-awaited iPhone 8, things are heading their ways to the market via unofficial leaks and chitchats. As we are inching closer to Apple’s September iPhone event where the American Multinational is expected to unpack its next-gen iPhone 8, the rumors are now getting louder. And one of the most deafening leaks we have ever come yet is that Apple is bringing the wireless charging feature with the next generation iPhone.

Now backing up to this long-standing rumor, two independent sources have confirmed that Apple is planning to bring the keenly awaited wireless charging feature with its approaching iPhone 8, slated to hit the market in September this year. Earlier, an official supply chain of Apple confirmed about the arrival of wireless charging with the iPhone 8, and now the two leaked pictures over the internet have completely shored up the earlier reports. Though the leaks are going with the saying that nothing is ever 100% authorized until Apple officially announce it, or present it on stage, it’s now a pretty safe bet that Apple’s iPhone 8 is going to feature the wireless charging functionality.

As confirmed by one of the two official sources of The Next Web – Allen Fung of RAVPower, “It is confirmed that the next iPhones are going to have an exclusive integrated technology for supporting wireless charging that we will have in its charger. The wireless chargers of the iPhone 8 will charge the next iPhones at an optimum speed, without requiring any kind of cable or wire. Moreover, it will also be compatible with other devices’ charging connecter.”

Among other most highlighted specifications, we can expect the iPhone 8 to feature curved 5.8-inch AMOLED display, Faster A11 processor, edge-to-edge screen, Facial Recognition, glass body, vertical dual rear-facing camera, Apple A11 chip, Support for LTE speeds up to 450Mbps, 64/256/512 GB ROM, 3 GB RAM, and Non-removable Li-Ion battery. However, as nothing is yet officially confirmed, we need to keep our finger crushed till 12th September, when Apple is rumored to launch the iPhone 8.

Wireless charging is the biggest yet transformations that the mobile world is experiencing these days and most of the leading smartphone manufacturers are racing to bring this ultra-tech feature to the floor and Apple is no different. Since long, it has been rumored that the American conglomerate will be introducing the wireless charging feature soon and with the latest leak, it has confirmed that iPhone 8 will be the most recent phone to bring the technology to the market. If Apple iPhone 8 comes with the support for wireless charging; then we expect it to have supported for multiple devices charging, better integration, and more conveniences.