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Condolences to colleagues – Thousands protest in New York – News Abroad


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New York – A sea of ​​blue uniforms on the streets of New York. Reporters from the New York Post call the set a “blue wall.” This is the unprecedented mass rally of the New York City Police Department.

Thousands of police officers stood outside several blocks in front of St. Patrick’s Cathedral on 5th Avenue on Friday. It was followed by mourning for two colleagues who were shot dead on the job – and a peaceful protest against the increasing violence against police officers in the city.

Police pay tribute to their colleagues Jason Rivera († 22) and Wilbert Mora († 27) who were shot dead during an operation in Harlem last week, the AP news agency reported. Due to a family dispute, a suspect in the hallway opened fire on two officers. The shooter was shot and killed by another police officer.

Widow Dominic Rivera holding the cross and walking behind her husband’s coffin in St. Patrick’s Cathedral. He criticizes the New York Attorney’s Office’s lenient handling of offendersPhoto: Mary Altafer / AB

Carrier Rookie Jason Rivera was buried Friday, and the church was packed during the funeral. His colleague Mora will be buried Wednesday.

Rivera’s wife recalled with tears after seeing her cell phone report that two Harlem police officers had been shot. Her anxiety increased when her husband tried to contact her on her cell phone. The phone call did not answer her until she was called to the hospital – where her husband was pronounced dead.

During the funeral, the widow criticized New Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Brock, who was a Democrat and ordered prosecutors not to pursue certain cases, preventing some cases from being arrested.

“The system continues to bring us down. We are not safe anymore. There are no members of the military, ”said Luzuriaka.

NYPD officers remember their dead colleagues who were shot in the field

NYPD officers remember their dead colleagues who were shot in the fieldPhoto: Alexi J. Rosenfeld / AFP

Rivera and Mora were shot dead in the city within 72 hours by police numbers 3 and 4. Not only that: they died within two weeks, in which a woman was pushed in front of a subway train and an 11-month-old baby was seriously injured by a bullet.

Crime has risen to an all-time low in recent years, but is still lower than in the country’s most populous city (population 8.4 million) in the early 1990s. According to the FBI, 2020 homicides in the United States nationwide are up nearly 30% from the previous year.

Many New Yorkers attended the mourning for Jason Rivera and Wilbert Mora, standing shoulder to shoulder with police officers on the streets.

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