Conan O'Brien details his 'heartburn' symptoms after the 'hot symptoms'.

When comedian Conan O'Brien Hot The episode started gaining traction online, but some of his friends got the wrong idea.

“I had a group of friends who saw my name all over Twitter and their first assumption was that he was dead,” O'Brien said on his personal page. Conan O'Brien needs a friend Podcast. “I had people say, ‘Oh my God.’ I thought, ‘Finally!’”

O'Brien's appearance on the YouTube interview show Hot Wings, hosted by Sean Evans, caused quite a stir upon its release earlier this month, with fans in awe of the comedian's commitment to a turbulent performance that featured O'Brien drinking and rubbing hot sauce. His face and chest. As a result, the comedian said, he was left with “incredibly runny” eyes and a mouth that “really hurts.” He also suffered a “burn” to his skin, especially when the substance was stuck under his wedding ring.

“Wash your hands right after,” he said, “but some of the sauce got under my wedding ring.” “I took it off and said, 'Well, there's acid underneath.'

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O'Brien said he doesn't typically eat spicy foods, not even Tabasco or tapaccio, but there's not much he won't do in pursuit of a joke.

“If I think something is going to be funny, I'll do it and deal with it later,” he said, before detailing what it was like to deal with the result of eating the spice.

“I found a construction site where they were welding, and I went over there. I said, 'Gentleman, if you want, I can weld these beams for you in about 15 minutes, I think.'” He joked, “You'll need to avert your eyes because I'll drop my pants,” he joked. “So there's a building in Mid-Wilshire under construction, and I think I installed about 65 rivets in the building. People were driving by saying, “Conan O'Brien's pants are around his ankles, and I think there's fire coming out of his ass, and he's welding a building.”

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Despite the superlative performance, O'Brien said he didn't start the day with much of a plan.

“I was aware of the show, and it's obviously a very successful show,” he said. “I thought, ‘No matter what, I just have to eat all the wings, and do this and make a fool of myself.’ I kind of had that plan in my mind, but I didn’t know much about it.

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