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Climate activists spray the Brandenburg Gate orange – DW – 09/17/2023


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Police arrested 14 people on suspicion of criminal property damage at the German capital’s most famous landmark on Sunday after environmental activists sprayed part of it orange and yellow.

The last generation said fire extinguishers were used to spray the landmark on Sunday morning.

Police said they prevented protesters from climbing the monument after officers noticed a hydraulic lift near the historic landmark in Berlin.

Members of the last generation called for renewed protests in the German capital for an indefinite period.

The group calls for a faster end to the use of fossil fuels

The group calls for ending the use of fossil fuels by 2030.

“We will not stop our protest unless we start the axis,” the group said. “We have to be out of oil, natural gas and coal by 2030 at the latest.”

The German government is targeting 2045 for a climate-neutral economy, but has failed to meet its climate protection targets over the past two years.

Berlin Mayor Kai Wegener condemned Sunday’s protest, saying the city supports “freedom of expression and fair debate about our future,” then adding that “with these actions, this group is not only damaging the historic Brandenburg Gate, but also destroying our free speech around the world.” Important issues of our time and our future.”

Why do some see The Last Generation as a criminal organization?

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What is the last generation?

Since the spring of 2022, the last generation has been protesting across Germany. The headquarters of political parties were targeted with paint, as well as luxury stores and a private plane at the capital’s airport.

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Last Generation made headlines in Germany for its members who stuck to roads and airport runways to disrupt land and air traffic.

Climate activists disrupt flights at German airports

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The action sparked a law enforcement crackdown by Germany’s federal states.

The new Berlin protest group launched last Wednesday with a march of several hundred participants.

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