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HomesportClean benches at Cubs-Brewers after the HBPs; Hap's knee X-ray is...

Clean benches at Cubs-Brewers after the HBPs; Hap’s knee X-ray is negative


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The Cubs multiply the Brewer At Wrigley Field in Thursday’s opener, 5-3, then snatched Saturday’s game 9-0, to go up to 2-0 this season. The Brewers won the Central last season while the Cubs finished with their worst record since 2013, so the results are at least notable — also acknowledging that there were 160 games left — but perhaps something more exciting has happened to regular baseball fans of late. .

It didn’t start here, we’ll get to that, but here’s the cubs dump Keegan Thompson Multiply Andrew McCutchen of brewing devices and clearing benches.

There was a lot of grinding around. Thompson was fired. Jason Heyward Make a beeline in from the center field. Lorenzo Cain He was front and center for the Brewers. Some of the hottest conversations happened between Cubs catcher Wilson Contreras and Brewers, particularly members of the coaching staff. This is where we find the root here and pull a bit.

Contreras was hurt by the field on Thursday and again on Saturday. These two give him 15 hit careers by pitches at the hands of the Brewers. No other team hit him even with half hits. These two teams have often been at odds with these things in general for years as well.

Also, in the half inning before the brawl above (and we use that word loosely here, because it was more than just a rally), the Cubs clean-up hitter Ian Hap He plunged into the knee and had to leave the game. It was a cracking ball and obviously unintentional, but teamwork with the Contreras elements and recent history in general seemed to be when the Cubs decided that was enough.

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“I don’t think there was any intention of hitting any player today except for one,” Brewers coach Craig Consell said after the game.Via Bally Sports Wisconsin), referring to the Thomson tone as an intentional tone. “I think both sides will tell you that. The bench is clear when someone is intentionally thrown, and that’s what happened today.”

Anyway, probably the most important thing to do here is just go ahead and play baseball. The two teams meet again on Sunday with Marcus Strowman Get the ball for the Cubs against Freddy Peralta From Brewers.

Regarding any of this affecting action on the field, Hap got x-rays of his knee and said they were negative. Happ has emerged to be a huge part of the Cubs’ path to success this season after finishing in 2021 by hitting .323/ .400/ .655 in his last 44 games last season. He has cleaned up matches so far this season and is 5 for 7 with a 0.778 on base, two doubles, four RBI and three runs. Losing him early would be a blow, even if it’s only for a few games, so it’s a situation worth watching.

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