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Missiles in Taiwan waters |

China’s horror machinations

China fired missiles into the Taiwan Strait on Thursday. Taiwan’s Defense Ministry has been talking about “eleven ballistic missiles” since 1:56 p.m. Thursday.

► Chinese ruler Xi Jinping (69) allowed his military maneuvers to continue until Sunday. The Chinese People’s Liberation Army marches up the coast with tanks, fighter jets and live ammunition.

Chinese state media such as CCTV and the Global Times write that “exercises are beginning” and that this is a “reunification move”.

Background: America’s top politician and Speaker Nancy Pelosi (82) visited Taiwan on Tuesday.. Before his arrival, China threatened a “great catastrophe”. Traditionally, China holds its threat exercises in Taiwan every July.

Nancy Pelosi (L) and Taiwan President Tsai Ing-wen during a meeting in Taipei, Taiwan on Wednesday

Photo: MAS/AP

► In total, China has designated six maneuver zones around the island since US top diplomat Nancy Pelosi’s visit to Taiwan.

Carte/Map: The New Threat from Beijing - Illustrated

A total of 11 Dongfeng missiles were fired off the coast of the island republic on Thursday, according to Taiwan’s foreign ministry. China invaded Taiwan’s airspace with 22 warplanes.

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All five Chinese missiles landed in Japan’s economic zone.

► “This is a serious matter affecting our country’s national security and people’s security,” said Defense Minister Nobuo Kishi (63).

Professor Matthias Strohn (45), a conflict researcher and military historian from the University of Buckingham, told BILD: “I see the situation in Taiwan as very dangerous. The general potential for conflict and escalation is greater than in Ukraine. The global economic consequences of a war on Taiwan would certainly be many times greater than a war in Ukraine.

In the Taiwan conflict, China receives support from Moscow. “As for maneuvers: that is China’s sovereign right,” Dmitry Peskov, 54, a spokesman for Vladimir Putin, 69, said on Thursday.

The tactics aren’t new — but their impact has increased in light of the Russian invasion of Ukraine

Ahead of Pelosi’s visit, Beijing sent heavy weapons to the coast by rail, highway, air and ship. On Tuesday, an unprecedented troop buildup took place in Fujian province, across the border from Taiwan. Military drills by Chinese troops around the island of Taiwan continued on Wednesday, with a joint blockade, exercises at sea, and ground and air combat exercises.

“Saber rhetoric, targeted practice and cyber attacks demonstrate the full spectrum of tactics that China has consistently used over the past decade,” said Samuel Xu, 44, founder of the non-governmental organization (NGO). Campaign for Hong Kong”, to BILD.

Xu continued, “The tactics are not new, but their impact has been amplified in light of the Russian invasion of Ukraine and ahead of Xi’s unprecedented third term at the top of the CCP. But the rest of the world should not underestimate the resilience of the Taiwanese people.

► Taiwan’s government on Thursday urged the island’s businesses to improve their cyber security in the coming days as they saw recorded attacks on their websites amid tensions with China.

Taiwan Ambassador Jai-wei Shi to Bild: “Now China has revealed its true face. The Chinese Communist regime’s willingness to use violence against its own people and against neighboring countries must not be recognized and accepted without consequences.

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