China blames US and NATO for Ukraine war

KWords from Beijing: China blames US for Ukraine war. “As the culprit and leading instigator of the Ukraine crisis, the United States has provoked NATO’s five rounds of expansion eastward in the last two decades since 1999,” Foreign Ministry spokesman Zhao Lijian told reporters at a daily conference on Friday.

“The number of NATO members has increased from 16 to 30, and they have moved more than 1,000 kilometers eastward, near the Russian border, gradually pushing Russia against the wall.”

Although China says it has not taken a side in the conflict, it has declared an “endless” alliance with Moscow and refuses to condemn the invasion. The government opposes sanctions against Russia and spreads Russian misinformation about the conflict.

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Zhao’s views are in line with the virtual summit of China and EU leaders, where Ukraine should be at the center of the debate. The EU said it expects China to pledge to avoid sanctions and assist in efforts to end the war.

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