CES has always been about the superlatives – the biggest, smallest, fastest or the world’s first sort of things. SanDisk just added one more to that list this year with the launch of a flash drive that packs in 1 TB of storage.

That is a lot of memory by any means and to have that in a form factor comparable to a regular memory drive is a commendable feat in itself. What’s more, the new SanDisk prototype flash drive also comes with a USB Type-C port, which obviously comes with a significant speed advantage over the USB 3.0 port.

The presence of the USB-C port also makes the new SanDisk prototype ready for connection with a wide range of new-age Android smartphones that offers a similar interface. This would be on top of most PCs that the prototype flash drive can easily be connected with.

However, so much for all the benefits that the prototype flash drive stands for at the moment, SanDisk is yet to confirm a definite launch schedule for the prototype flash drive. A formal launch sometime around end of this year or early next is still being speculated as the earliest we can see it reach markets.

Price is another factor that too is being debated, with the larger opinion being that all the benefits that the world’s smallest flash drive offering up to 1 TB of storage isn’t likely to come cheap. While no price details have been mentioned by the company during the launch, there are some pointers we can rely on to arrive at some speculative figures.

Take for instance a portable SSD with the same 1 TB of storage and the cheapest we can get it for is around $300 – $350. The SanDisk prototype too should be price in its vicinity, or maybe more given that it would be even more portable.

Meanwhile, Kingston too has a 2 TB DataTraveller flash drive to offer though that comes for a cool $1,600 or so. The SanDisk offering is expected to undercut that by a considerable margin, which if true will make for a huge vale-for-money proposition even if it has half the store than the Kingston flash drive.