LG has a whole new take on the conventional smart TVs, one that can be rolled up and down at will like a huge poster. This also happens to be a world’s first as well, one that seems better tuned for a market launch anytime soon than the plethora of such foldable displays we have seen in tech events over the years.

Also, the foldable feature isn’t the only USP of the TV given that it also excels in its primary role as well, that of a TV in the first place. As such, the 65-inch OLED panel renders life-like images that is as captivating as the TV as a whole is.

In fact, LG said the secret to the foldable display is the paper thin OLED panel itself. However, while we have had OLEDs for some time now, it took the ingenuity of a company of the likes of LG to actually make something as unique as a TV that can even be rolled up like a poster. LG is already among the market leaders so far as OLED tech is concerned.

The display in its rolled up state isn’t visible given that it remains hidden within a box that has the looks of a sound bar. The bottom part that accommodates the display when rolled down is also least impressive but can still serve an important purpose, that of housing the speakers or other related stuff.

However, the magic begins when the display begin rolling up, more so given that it does so with the display already turned on. That again is so much better than to see the display actually turning on only after it is deployed fully. Also, with a 21:9 aspect ratio, the display is also just right for watching widescreen movies.

However, so much for all the euphoria that the world’s first rollable TV generated at the CES, there is no word yet when, or if at all it is going to be commercially launched. Other aspects of the TV too have been kept under wraps. Perhaps LG is still undecided on those but the rollable aspect alone can be enough to generate some serious sales.

It sure isn’t likely to come cheap though but when it does, there shouldn’t be any dearth of buyers for the thing given the response it generated among show goes at the CES event.