Ceasefire talks are gaining momentum

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Fighting continues in Israel's war. But talks with Hamas over the release of hostages and a ceasefire are ongoing. Message Ticker.

  • Negotiations above Ceasefire: A senior Hamas representative speaks
  • Rocket On top of that Rotten Meer found: Israel says missile shot down
  • Information about the war in Israel and the struggle against Hamas in the Gaza Strip is processed here Coming from local and international media and news agencies. Most information cannot be independently verified.

Updated as of February 2, 7 am: Apparently, internal differences within Hamas prevent it from signing the hostage agreement, which is backed by the United States. This was reported by an American newspaper Wall Street Journal (WSJ) Citing US officials. Accordingly, Hamas leaders in Gaza, such as Yahya Sinwar, want to sign an agreement that would include a 6-week ceasefire and the gradual release of all hostages. However, Hamas leaders in other countries will demand more concessions from Israel and negotiate a permanent ceasefire.

War in Israel: Hostage deal talks continue

Updated as of February 2, 9:05 pm: There is further progress in negotiations for a cease-fire in Israel's war. The US is sending Secretary of State Anthony Blinken to the region. He is expected to continue diplomatic efforts in Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Qatar and Israel “to reach an agreement that includes the release of hostages and a humanitarian moratorium.”

Updated from February 2, 7:53 p.m: Another Hamas representative comments on the negotiations for a ceasefire in the Israeli war. This was reported by an Israeli newspaper Haaretz. They will respond “very soon” to an offer allegedly from Israel.

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Meanwhile, France is joining efforts for a new ceasefire in the Israeli war. Foreign Minister Stephen Sejourn will travel to the Middle East on Sunday. A minister in President Emmanuel Macron's government plans to visit Egypt, Jordan, Israel, the Palestinian territories and Lebanon. This was announced by the French Foreign Ministry on Friday.

Anthony Blinken visited Qatar. The US Secretary of State will soon return to the Middle East to mediate Israel's war. © EVELYN HOCKSTEIN/Afp

New Hopes for a Ceasefire in Israel's War

Report from February 2: Tel Aviv – The radical Islamist group Hamas has expressed its willingness to release more hostages from the Gaza Strip. A senior representative of the terror group said it was working on a multi-phase deal with Israel. They are demanding a days-long cease-fire and an end to the Israeli offensive on Gaza in exchange for hostages kidnapped by Hamas militants from Israel on October 7. Osama Hamdan, one of the leaders of the terrorist group who is said to be in Beirut, said this in an interview with Lebanese television. LPCI.

According to Hamdan, in exchange for more hostages from the Israeli war, Hamas is demanding the release of two terrorists captured in Israel: Marwan Barghouti, who allegedly planned several terrorist attacks during the second intifada, and Ahmad Sadat, leader of the terrorist group “Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine.” Accordingly both are seated The Times of Israel He is currently serving a long prison sentence.

Negotiations for a ceasefire in Israel's war are ongoing

According to Hamdan, Hamas, which launched its war on Israel on October 7, rejects short-term ceasefires. “We tried temporary ceasefires and the Israelis do not respect these ceasefires but always violate them,” Hamas said.

Israel also agreed to a temporary ceasefire. In return, the country demands that Hamas release the remaining hostages from the Gaza Strip. However, Benjamin Netanyahu's government refuses to end military operations in the Gaza Strip.

Qatar is also currently involved as a mediator in Israel's war on ceasefire negotiations. A spokesman for Qatar's foreign ministry said there had already been “initial positive confirmation” from Hamas about a possible deal. TBA Thursday.

Israel says it fired a rocket into the Red Sea

Meanwhile, fighting continues on many fronts in Israel's war. The Israeli military fired a rocket into the Red Sea. The military said on Friday that the missile was intercepted by the Arrow air defense system as it entered Israeli airspace. At first it was not known who was responsible for the shooting. Israeli media suspect Houthi rebels in Yemen are behind the rocket attack. (Dil with agencies)

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