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Carl Weathers called out Gina Carano after shooting 'The Mandalorian' – Deadline


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former The Mandalorian Veterinarian Gina Carano wrote a warm, long tribute to her Disney+ colleague star Wars Series star Carl Weathers shared on Instagram. The actor passed away today at the age of 76.

Carano, who was not welcomed back for season three The Mandalorianor any other country star Wars In the wake of controversial comparisons in February 2021 about a divided United States to Nazi Germany, Withers “called me right after I was fired,” the Spinoff said.

Carano played bounty hunter Cara Dune for two seasons mandalorian, While Withers portrayed the agent of the bounty hunter-turned-Supreme Judge of Nevarro, Greef Karga. Withers also directed nine episodes of the series mandalorian, He was nominated for Guest Actor in a Drama Series for the 2020 episode “Chapter 12: The Siege.”

“I wasn't in an emotional state to pick up the phone because of how upset I was, but we ended up talking later,” she wrote about hearing from Withers after she was fired from Disney.

“He was kind and encouraging and didn't want me to give up. He was telling me he wasn't throwing me away. He was trying to keep my hope alive in what seemed like a completely hopeless scenario. He showed me he cared. That's who he was.”

“I was very closely associated with him on Season 1 and 2 of Mando,” Carano wrote. “Jon Favreau felt he would be a good mentor for me because we shared the athlete-turned-actor, so Jon had him direct my first episode on Season 2 of Mando.”

“I think if we had made it to the Rangers of the New Republic, Carl would have turned me on more. John F. was right, we were good.”

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She explained on IG: “Karl was a mentor to me on set, he would put his arms on my shoulders and look me straight in the eyes to soothe my soul. He had a great perspective in telling a story that could only come through his experience and wisdom that he shared with me to help me through “Brilliance. I cherish those moments.”

Read Carano's full IG post below:

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