Cardiff riots: CCTV appears to show police following an electric bike before crashing

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WATCH: CCTV appears to show police following people minutes before the plane crash

The BBC has verified closed-circuit television footage that appears to show a police car following two people on an electric bike minutes before a fatal crash sparked riots in Cardiff.

BBC Verify analyzed the video postmarked at 17:59 GMT on Monday on Frank Road in Ely 900 meters, or just over half a mile, away from the suspected crash site.

It comes after South Wales Police and Crime Commissioner Alun Michael told the BBC that a chase had not taken place.

South Wales Police denied that they had been followed, saying its officers arrived on the scene after the incident and were there to manage “widespread disturbances” into the early hours of Tuesday.

Michael said as many as 12 officers were injured in the riot.

Police said there were arrests, but did not say how many.

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A car burns amid mayhem in the Cardiff suburb of Ely

At around 20:00, the police tweeted that they were still at the crash site but were also working to “calm down the ongoing disturbances”.

The force said it had received a large number of calls from “understandably frightened” residents.

Bridie Poole, who knows the Evans family, said Harvey had “a lot of friends” and loved motorcycles and football.

He was Kerris W’s best friend [they] They were into the same things. “It was not surprising that they were together,” she said.

Ms. Ball said she believes the officers are after the two men “because there are videos going around”.

Police are expected to provide an update later on Tuesday.

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