Canon R1 will have a 30-megapixel sensor, 120fps continuous shooting, 1/1,250 flash sync, and ‘improved dynamic range’

Adorama seems to know more about the EOS R1 than Canon revealed last night More detailed specifications published On the upcoming flagship including sensor resolution, continuous shooting capability, AI exposure optimization, and more.

In the camera menuAdorama provides more information about the R1, which isn’t hard to do since the development announcement was very light on details.

For starters, the EOS R1 will have a 30-megapixel, stacked, dual-gain full-frame sensor with a “purely” electronic rolling shutter that is supposedly faster than any mechanical rolling shutter. This allows it to achieve a read time of less than 0.8 microseconds and a flash sync of 1/1250 second.

As expected, Canon puts a lot of effort into autofocus performance, promising high speed and exposure speeds that are enhanced by AI recognition. The R1 will also have what is described as moving object path prediction and promises intelligent focus tracking for object lock with a “high success rate.”

Canon will also allow “unlimited” continuous shooting at 40 fps (1:2 CRAW) and 60 fps (1:3 CRAW). It can also achieve ‘full-featured’ 120fps continuous shooting, but likely with a temporary limit. Furthermore, Canon also promises 240fps for continuous burst shooting with the option of 1-second pre-shooting. There’s no mention of RAW there, so this is likely for JPEG only (possibly HEIF if Canon chooses to support it). The R1 will also have CRAW “lossy” compression of 1:3 (compared to lossless compression).

Canon EOS R1 seen from the front against a plain white background.  The camera has a large lens and a textured grip on the left side, with various buttons and controls visible on its body.

Finally, Canon boasts — at least according to Adorama — “improved dynamic range” that is “better than the EOS R3 and EOS R5.” No price has been shared.

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It is very likely that the list will be deleted, however Petapixel Screen captured for anyone who wants to see it.

Is it believable?

Traders are often made aware of the products long before the media, so there is a very strong possibility that the above specifications are legitimate. Merchants, as well Petapixel It has been told by multiple industry sources that it is the number one reason for most rumors because it benefits more than other products and is in a relatively “safe” position since manufacturers rely on it.

However, there is a high possibility that some or all of this information will not be accurate for the final R1.

More will certainly be revealed about the R1 in the coming weeks and months, but this is probably the level of ‘development announcement’ most people were hoping for; There is a lot here.

Image credits: Canon

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