Cancellara Classics column: Don't ignore the mental side of the Van der Poel-Van Aert duel

(Image credit: Future)

Friday's E3 Saxo Classic showed that we certainly weren't wrong in predicting a battle between Mathieu van der Poel and Wout van Aert this spring. Their duel was the main story of the race, and Mathieu came out on top again in the end, which will put more pressure on Wout ahead of the Tour of Flanders.

Van Aert's collision with Paterberg's car completely changed the course of the race and was understandably the focus of much analysis afterwards. With his turning skill, he felt like he could easily switch between smooth gutter and gravel, but he ended up falling. I don't know if it was a mistake or just bad luck for Van Aert, but it was very expensive.

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