The controversial firm Cambridge Analytica which look after Donald Trump’s presidential campaign and the Brexit referendum has been suspended by Facebook. The firm which has claimed that the campaign done by them had helped Donald Trump to get to the presidential position. According to the Facebook, a University of Cambridge professor named as Dr. Aleksandr Kogan has obtained the information of 270,000 Facebook users via his app from Cambridge Analytica as a part of a research experiment.

The app which is used by Kogan is linked with Facebook’s developer policies. The deputy general of Facebook counsel Paul Grewal said that Kogan gave the data that he has acquired via his app to Cambridge Analytica and to another third-party company.  The policy of Facebook’s Developer prohibits the use of users data to any other third-party companies. In 2015, Grewal said that they have found that Kongan actions are illegal and they removed his app. They also asked Kogan for the certifications and about the parties to whom he had provided data.

Everyone who is involved in this fraud claims that they had destroyed all the data that are provided to the third-party. Facebook now claims that all the data that are claimed to be destroyed are not destroyed. They will investigate this claims, and while investigating they have suspended Kogan and Cambridge Analytica.

The ban which is levied on Kongan and Cambridge Analytica by Facebook is not clear whether it will be permanent or temporary. Facebook has announced the ban publicly by saying that while Cambridge Analytica and Kogan are suspended, they are prohibited to buy ads or run the Facebook pages for their respective clients.