“Call Putin”: France releases secret Ukraine call for help

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Secret phone call between Volodymyr Zelenskyj and Emmanuel Macron becomes public. The Ukrainian president is asking his counterpart from Paris to do so.

PARIS – He recently made a big fuss over the war in Ukraine: Emmanuel Macron, the French president and therefore commander-in-chief of the French armed forces.

Video emerges: It shows Zelensky calling for help the day Putin was attacked

For example, the powers of a head of state from France are generally beyond those of a German chancellor and in the present case beyond those of Olaf Scholes (SPD). According to a series of international media reports, there has been a lot of trouble between the two Macron and Scholes recently.

The reason: Macron's push to send NATO ground troops into Ukraine in a more aggressive fashion. After Scholz's clear rejection of such a scenario, the French president reiterated his idea of ​​ground forces against Russia. Secret records emerged from Paris during these security alliance discussions. They show Macron on the phone with Volodymyr Zelenskyy on February 24, 2022.

Historic phone call between Volodymyr Zelenskyj and Emmanuel Macron

As a reminder, the day Russia under Kremlin dictator Vladimir Putin launched a treacherous attack on its western neighbor. This applies to all of Ukraine since Russian troops first annexed the Crimean peninsula in spring 2014 in defiance of international law. Among others, military bloggers from the X account “BrennpunktUA” shared a video on March 20, 2024, documenting that dramatic phone call.

It was not known at the time how the video reached the public – whether it was distributed by the Elysee Palace or leaked. Anyway, they are historical film series. At individual points in the conversation, Zelenskyj begs the Frenchman Macron to please Moscow's ruler Putin to intervene and stop the attack and to recommend diplomatic talks brokered by France and the US under President Joe Biden.

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Volodymyr Zelensky: Ukrainian President Emmanuel Macron begged

“What they do is very bad. You know, she (Russians, D. Red.) have now penetrated into the heart of many cities and some regions. They already have tanks and planes. Now, Emmanuel, we are fighting them in Kiev,” Zelensky said in a frantic voice. Macron asked: “Did they come with special forces and helicopters?” Zelensky replied: “Yes, they have planes, helicopters, everything!”

The French president asked the Ukrainian head of state: “What's wrong with you? Are you safe?” Zelensky replied: “I think so.” Macron asked: “Are you sure, or do you think so?” Zelensky: “I think so, I'm sure. I don't think anyone is safe in Kiev. I think because we are surrounded by the Russian army.” The now 46-year-old politician said that Ukrainians would “fight everywhere on our territory”.

I think, Emmanuel, it's very important that you talk to Putin and it's very important that you build an anti-war coalition.

Russia due to Vladimir Putin: Ukraine asks France to intervene

Macron said: “It is clear: this is a total war.” Zelensky confirmed: “Yes, an all-out war.” Then the Ukrainian president practically begged: “I think it's very important, Emmanuel, that you talk to Putin. It's very important that you create an anti-war coalition. If the EU and Biden leaders join, we are sure that you will see him (Putin, D. Red.) call out: 'Stop!' Then he will stop. He will listen to you.” Zelensky insisted: “Talk to him!”

Macron replied: “But he will ask how far they would be willing to go. Are you ready to sit down at the table and start negotiations?” asked the now 46-year-old Frenchman. Zelensky said: “Of course. We have to. Naturally. We have to.” Macron informed his interlocutor that he needed to discuss with his people “what it means to help.” Since then, France has provided, among other things, the more effective Scalp-EG cruise missile and the less effective AMX-10 RC wheeled armored vehicle.

Joint Ukraine study?  French President Emmanuel Macron (left) and Federal Chancellor Olaf Scholes (SPD).
Joint Ukraine study? French President Emmanuel Macron (left) and Federal Chancellor Olaf Scholes (SPD). © IMAGO / Political Moments

Vladimir Putin's confidant: Dmitry Medvedev scores against France

Before Macron caused a stir in late February this year with the advancement of his ground forces. At a Ukraine aid conference of more than 20 heads of state and government in Paris, Macron said on February 26 there was no agreement on the use of ground forces: “But nothing can be ruled out in terms of dynamics. We will do whatever it takes to keep Russia from winning this war.

Many of the same people who said “never, never” two years ago today said “never, never tanks, never, never, airplanes, never, long-range missiles,” he said: “So anything is possible, if it exists, it is possible. Moscow has now threatened Paris, with the forces currently suffering serious military defeats under their new commander, Oleksandr Cherskyj. Putin's confidant Dmitry Medvedev said in a telegram about the ground troops debate: “The mass death of professional soldiers cannot be covered up, with so many coffins delivered to France from a foreign, distant country. ” (evening)

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