Caleb Williams' dream of being the No. 1 pick will be fulfilled Thursday

There will be no drama at the top of the draft Thursday night.

USC quarterback Caleb Williams will be the No. 1 overall pick. And he knows it. The Bears know it. Everyone knows that.

“As a child, I dreamed about thisWilliams said on Wednesday, via Dan Federer of Chicago Tribune. “I set my goals. I went after it. I got it. I'm here. I'm ready for this moment.”

Williams began dreaming of this day when he was 10 years old: He would hear his name called. He will be wearing a Bears baseball hat. He'll hug Commissioner Roger Goodell. He'll be taking pictures in a Bears No. 1 jersey.

Williams described it as “surreal”.

“I'm really ready,” Williams said. “Because I want to get back into the football team. I haven't been on a football team since November 18 [for his last game at USC]. So, that was probably the hardest part for me. It's something I really want to get back to. “Go back to the locker room, be around the players, participate every day, and let it go.”

Williams has dined with future teammates, including TJ Edwards, DJ Moore and Cole Kimmitt, and has spent enough time with general manager Ryan Bowles and coach Matt Eberflus over the past three months to foster a relationship.

“They were fun to be around,” Williams said of Poles and Eberflus. “They're very detailed. They always have a plan. They seem very routine, which is how I've been throughout my whole life.”

The tough part starts Friday, the first day of the rest of his career.

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