Breaking down the Detroit Lions’ most ridiculous playoff scenario

look at me Detroit LionsIn the playoffs, their path to the playoffs looks pretty simple. With the current three-way tie at 8-8 among the Lions, Seahawks And the Packers To get the last spot, the Lions simply need to beat the Packers and have the Seahawks lose or tie the Rams, and that way finish with a better record than the other two teams.

If you’re a smart person, you could come up with a second scenario, where the Lions and Packers tie and the Seahawks lose. In this way, Detroit will finish before Seattle and hold the tiebreaker over the Packers due to their previous win over them.

But if you want to go all the brain of the galaxy in Lions playoff scenarios, there’s another crazy route to the Detroit postseason. It’s insane, has almost a zero percent chance of it actually happening, and involves a team – the Washington captains – that’s already been eliminated from playoff contention.

Here’s what should happen:

  • Black tie belts
  • Seahawks connects the Rams
  • Cowboy leaders hit

If that happens, here’s what the Wild Card standings for that last place would look like:

  • Black: 8-8-1
  • Packages: 8-8-1
  • Seahawks: 8-8-1
  • Leaders: 8-8-1

Yes, a four-way tie in the final. So who gets in? Let’s take a closer look at NFL playoff rules.

When more than two teams are tied for the Wild Card spot, a tiebreaker must be held to ensure that only one team is represented in each division. The Lions and Packers are the only two teams from the same division, and the Lions will have a head-to-head tiebreaker from their previous win over them. Packers: out.

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Then there were three: lions, falcons, and leaders.

Let’s use the exact tiebreaker procedure from the NFL website:

  1. Face to face scan. (It only applies if one club defeats every other team or if one club loses to every other team.)
  • The Seahawks have defeated the Lions, but they haven’t played leaders, so that doesn’t apply.
  • The Lions have played both the Commanders and the Seahawks, but they split that series, so that doesn’t apply.
  • The Chiefs lost to the Lions but did not play the Sea Falcons, so that does not apply.

In the second tie-break:

2. The best win-loss ratio in matches played within the conference.

  • If the Lions tie, they are 6-5-1 in conference
  • If the Seahawks tie, they are 5-6-1 in conference
  • If the Leaders win, they will be 5-6-1 in conference

Boom, black in the playoffs.

Of course, all of that would require two unlikely ties, and the leaders — who are currently 5.5-point underdogs with nothing to play for — win the Cowboys. But what’s wrong with a little dreaming?

Tip of the hat to Twitter user Ben Ingersoll to indicate this scenario.

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