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Blizzard is teasing a Cowboy Bebop game for Overwatch 2


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Season 9 of Monitoring 2 It launches next week, with some big changes to the game's competitive mode, a new battle pass, and a cosmic horror theme for hero skins. But Blizzard Entertainment's sneak peek at Season 9, called Champions, also hints at something surprising: a crossover with the beloved animated series Cowboy Bebop.

A short teaser is tucked in at the end of the trailer for Monitoring 2 Season 9 features a scene familiar to long-time Overwatch players. Rolling weeds signal that Cassidy's final is about to kick off, and she rolls through the deserted streets of Route 66. Then there is a clip on the jukebox, which starts playing the Cowboy Bebop The song “Tank!”

Blizzard not announced Monitoring 2/Cowboy Bebop crossover yet, but that's a crystal clear hint. And there's precedent for anime crossovers: about a year ago, Blizzard teased the first (non-Lego) collaboration IP for Overwatch, based on One punch man. This event added a variety of themed skins and other cosmetic items to the game, in the form of Saitama Doomfist, Genos Genji, Terrible Tornado Kiriko, and Mumen Rider Soldier: 76.

a Cowboy Bebop The crossover almost certainly means a Spike Spiegel look for cowboy Cassidy, but could it also mean a Faye Valentine look for Tracer? Evil skin for Genji? Edward's skins and eyes for Ash and Bob? Well, that last one might be a stretch, but we'll certainly find out soon.

Monitoring 2 Season 9 begins on February 13. Any possibility Cowboy Bebop The crossover will likely arrive within a couple of months after this season's release, based on the lengths of last season.

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