With tech companies busy wooing buyers with lucrative Black Friday deals on their bestselling devices, OnePlus has chosen to tread just the opposite path by announcing a discount of just a penny. That applies to its latest handset, the OnePlus 5T which essentially means the handset would be sold for $498.99, which is $0.01 less than the regular price of $499.

What’s more, the deal was valid for just 24 hours, reported Android Headlines, which makes it nothing more than just a token gesture. Or rather, the move was also a means for the Chinese manufacturer to take on its rivals claiming they sell their device at just the right prices all year round, which negates the need to offer any discount during a special time of the year.

OnePlus has built a name by offering flagship quality handsets at just about half the prices. The move worked as it quickly went on to develop a dedicated fan following of its own. The devices too worked its part in being quality offerings that are just as good as flagship handsets with no corner cuttings as such to justify its relatively lower price tag.

OnePlus also took a dig at its rivals saying their move to offer deep discounts are an implicit admission of them selling overpriced phones and other devices for the rest of the year. In contrast, since the Chinese manufacturer is offering optimum value for buyer’s buck all year round, they don’t need to discount their phone during what can be said the biggest shopping festival on earth. Put in other words, OnePlus is selling its phone on a discount all year round.

The Chinese manufacturer has just launched its OnePlus 5T which comes across as a more modern version of the OnePlus 5 launched in June. In fact, the OnePlus 5T can be considered miles ahead of its immediate predecessor though the price remained unchanged at $499. That is another brownie point scored against rivals that often launch advanced versions of its existing product at higher prices.

However, while there seems enough substance in all that OnePlus said, it remains to be seen if this leads to a sizeable jump in sales of the 5T handset. With the typical human mind getting lured to discounts more than anything else, chances are that the OnePlus gesture may not prove to be enough of a hit in the market. It shouldn’t be surprising if buyers are seen queuing up for the discounted stuff rather than buying one that has been priced right all the while.