Biden’s administrator has pushed Ukraine to drop Putin’s condition for peace talks

The hope is to reinforce to the world that Ukraine, not Russia, wants to resolve the conflict. This does not mean that they need to go to the negotiating table now. We don’t think now is the right time based on what Russia is doing.” “But they should show a willingness to resolve the conflict because no one wants this conflict to end more than Ukraine.” The individuals were given anonymity to discuss sensitive and private conversations.

In recent weeks, Democrats and Republicans have put pressure on Biden’s team to push for a diplomatic solution to the war. US officials have since confirmed that they have been in contact with their Ukrainians and Russian counterparts to calm tensions and avoid miscalculationsalthough there is no imminent campaign to get the warring parties to speak.

Zelensky announced his new position before the congressional elections in the United States in which Republicans are expected to regain at least one room – Potentially jeopardize further financial and military support for Ukraine.

Ukrainian government representatives did not immediately respond to requests for comment. The National Security Council declined to comment for this story, but noted Sullivan’s comments while in Kyiv last week. “The conversation we need with the international community to support Ukraine is, What are the terms of a just and lasting peace for Ukraine? That is what we are determined to achieve, that is what we support, and that is what we believe our collective efforts can help achieve,” Sullivan said during his visit.

William Taylor, the former US ambassador to Ukraine, said that Ukraine’s five conditions are reasonable because it abides by international law and forces Russia to pay for its transgressions. He also said that Zelensky appears sincere in his offer of peace talks as long as Putin is serious.

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“We have seen President Putin bend to reality,” Taylor said, noting that Russia has pulled out and rejoined the grain-shipping deal and reduced nuclear threats. However, perhaps no real negotiations will take place until “Moscow suffers more military defeats.”

Kurt Volker, the Trump administration’s special representative for Ukraine, argues that the United States should not openly push Kyiv toward the negotiating table — at least not now.

It is clear that Putin does not intend to negotiate seriously or accept these terms. Putin is determined to continue fighting and target Ukrainian cities. Ukraine must achieve a decisive victory on the ground, regain its territory – and the United States must try to help the Ukrainians do this as quickly as possible.”

The The Washington Post first reported The Biden administration wanted Kyiv to relinquish Putin’s state of power.

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