The Fortnite players enjoy more than any other battle royale games. It is game which rewards you for your action which means if you are running around then you can get more materials for building. Fortnite games are quick means you can win or lose quickly.

If you are playing the game alone then it will be a calm, tense experience in a firefight which can be either end in an instant or can drag for a minute. The fortnight game is opposite to that of Battlegrounds and the game is not designed for the user to wait around for anything. The user is encouraged by small map size, enclosing electric storm and highly visible building system with other players. The players hardly get time to roam alone and as soon as the other players see they start shooting you.

The games which are made by PUBG are generally made to get an angle on the opponents. The main aim of PUBG is it demands every action that you make and if you don’t then you are going to get punished heavily. This game is not about the tactical realism instead it is about each game that encourages us to do in the world. Fortnite is a small game which is full of violence and it delivers an experience of fun and shooting.

Many players prefer the idea of making a good plan, picking a position with good sightline and killing the enemies when they approach. Players like the rush of gunfire by dodging them over a long distance before getting into a fortified position with grenades and a SCAR. The PUBG slowness is something that every user will like and can enjoy the game more by playing.