Battle | Ukraine commander warns of ammunition shortage

There have been several Ukrainian attacks in Crimea. The Ukrainian case at the Criminal Court in The Hague was largely dismissed. All information on news blog.

The most important things at a glance

Two Frenchmen killed by Russian gunfire in Ukraine

9:44 pm: According to official reports, two volunteers from France were killed in Russian shelling in the Kherson region of southern Ukraine. “Three other foreigners suffered minor injuries,” military governor Oleksandr Prokhudin wrote on his Telegram channel. A Ukrainian aide was also injured.

So far there are few other details. The small town of Perislav came under shelling. Ukrainians released them from Russian occupation in autumn 2022 as part of their counteroffensive. However, Perislav is located on the banks of the Dnipro River, which forms the front line at this point. Therefore, the city is constantly shelled from the Russian side.

Zelenskyj praises Scholz after aid package

9:37 PM: Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyj expressed his special thanks to President Olaf Scholes after he granted his country billions in EU aid. “Dear Olaf, I am grateful for your personal efforts to make this decision a reality,” writes the Ukrainian head of state on X (formerly Twitter). Praising Germany's role for peace in Europe, he assures that support for Ukraine is the best investment to safeguard the continent's security.

Ukrainian Commander-in-Chief Salushny has warned of a shortage of ammunition

9.30 pm: Amid speculation about his impending dismissal, Ukrainian Chief of Staff Valery Zalushnyj addressed the massive supply chain in an opinion piece. “We must deal with reduced military support from key allies who are struggling with their own political tensions,” the general wrote on the website of US television channel CNN. The allies' stockpiles of missiles, anti-aircraft missiles and artillery ammunition were on the verge of depletion due to heavy fighting in Ukraine. There is also a global shortage of impulse payments.

According to him, Russia has advantages in mobilizing the military. Without unpopular measures, Ukraine's state institutions cannot compensate for this disadvantage. The government's second bill on tough mobilization measures is currently being debated in the Ukrainian parliament. Due to legal restrictions, the company's own defense sector also has production restrictions, including ammunition. “This deepens Ukraine's dependence on goods from its allies,” Salushny stresses.

He asked that a new technology upgradation system be created within the next five months. This is primarily about remote control systems to minimize your own losses. Players must be trained to adapt to new opportunities and existing constraints.

London: Russia's National Guard combines three Wagner divisions

6:13 PM: According to British estimates, Russia is strengthening its control over the Wagner mercenaries. The Russian National Guard is integrating Wagner's three former combat units into its first all-volunteer force, the British Ministry of Defense said. The British write on the X (formerly Twitter) platform, often implying that Wagner was successfully placed under the National Guard. This gives the Russian government more command and control over the group.

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Wagner Mercenaries is a private army that has long fought alongside regular Russian troops in Ukraine. Its leader, Yevgeny Prigozhin, launched a short-lived uprising against Russia's leadership in June 2023 and died a few weeks later in a plane crash.

Russian President Vladimir Putin signed a request on December 25 that the National Guard could form its own volunteer troops. The National Guard will use them in Ukraine or Africa. Other Wagner mercenaries switched to the regular army or left the service.

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