Battle | The Secret Service expects a major attack on Wuhledar

Day 365 since the start of the war: Russia’s President Putin wants to strengthen his nuclear forces. Military expert Masala advises Ukraine to counterattack. All information on news blog.

The most important things at a glance

German heads of state want to celebrate anniversary together

11.30 am: Almost the entire top of the German state will attend the annual commemoration of the Russian attack on Ukraine at Berlin’s Bellevue Palace on Friday. In addition to Federal President Frank-Walter Steinmeier, who will deliver the speech, Chancellor Olaf Scholes, almost the entire cabinet, the judges of the Federal Constitutional Court, Bundestag President Barbel Baas and Mayor of Hamburg Peter Tzentscher, who is currently the president of the Bundesrat. will also participate. This was confirmed by the spokesperson of the President of the Federation.

Moldova rejects Russian report on Ukrainian plot

11:01 am: Moldova has denied Russia’s accusations that Ukraine intends to invade the pro-Russian territory of Transnistria, which is part of Ukraine’s common border. The Moldovan government said it could not confirm the Russian Defense Ministry’s claims.

He called on people to remain calm and pay attention to official and reliable information from the authorities. State-run Russian news agency RIA reported that Ukraine was planning to invade its neighbor Moldova (see entry at 8.49am).

China: US reports on arms supply to Russia are conjecture

The Wall Street Journal reports that the U.S. government is considering releasing information that China is considering supplying Russia with weapons to help in its war against Ukraine. “As for the so-called intelligence information, it is just speculation and slander against China,” Wang said.

Habek wants to make it more difficult to circumvent sanctions against Russia

10:31 am: The Union Economy Ministry wants to make it more difficult to evade sanctions against Russia. According to a report from the House of Department head Robert Habeck (Greens), foreign trade data indicate that goods subject to EU sanctions are being exported from the EU in “significant amounts”, from Germany to certain third countries and from there to Russia. ), which was obtained by the German Press Agency.

“We must work together to counter these circular measures more effectively than ever at national and EU level.” This should be the focus of the eleventh set of prohibitions. The Ministry will do this in close coordination with other departments of the Central Government. In particular, the ministry wants to make companies more accountable and seek the support of as many states as possible to increase the effectiveness of sanctions.

Robert Habeck: “We must work together to counter these circular measures more effectively than ever before.” (Credit: Michael Kappeler/dpa)

Prigogine: Wagner’s mercenaries are getting ammunition now

9:23 am: According to their boss, Yevgeny Brigosh, the Wagner mercenary group is now receiving ammunition. “It was announced that the delivery of ammunition began at 6 am today,” Prigozhin said on the Telegram messaging service. “Most likely the ball will be rolling now. So far everything is on paper but as we said the most important documents have already been signed.”

Over the past few days, Prigozhin has engaged in increasingly heated arguments with the Defense Ministry and the military leadership, accusing both of deliberately withholding ammunition from his units.

Russia warns Ukraine against invasion of Transnistria

8:49 am: Russia has accused Ukraine of planning an invasion of Transnistria, a breakaway region from Moldova. According to the Russian Defense Ministry, TASS news agency, Kiev intends to conduct an armed “false flag” operation in Transnistria in the near future. It said Ukrainian soldiers and the Ukrainian Azov Brigade would use a phased invasion of alleged Russian troops as a pretext for the invasion.

The Ministry of Defense is ready to respond to any changes on the Ukraine-Transnistrian border. This information cannot be verified. During the war in Ukraine, Russia repeatedly used disinformation to justify its own actions. Moldova’s secret service had already accused Russia of planning an invasion in December.

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