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Barbie She continues to dazzle everything in her path.

The Warner Bros. blockbuster grossed an estimated $33.7 million at the August 11–13 box office in North America, the fourth largest opening weekend of all time, ahead of Spider-Man: No way home ($32.6 million) and it’s not too late The Avengers ($36.7 million), not adjusted for inflation.

Barbie It easily stayed at #1 as it grossed over $500 million domestically and $657 million overseas for a staggering worldwide total of $1.18 billion, which was good enough to miss. Aquaman and ranks second in the Warners film of all time behind The Final Harry Potter picture.

Sony Gran Turismo: Based on a true story It was supposed to open domestically, but the pic’s release was delayed by two weeks due to the SAG-AFTRA strike. That meant a little bit of competition, considering that kind of Amblin and Universal Dracula pic The last flight of Demeter Lost at Sea with a dismal $6.5 million domestic opening. Gran Turismo It has already begun its international release, however, grossing $10.7 million from its first 30 markets.

It’s been another eventful week for the woman who feeds it Barbie. Gerwig now ranks as the highest-grossing female director of all time domestically after skiing in the past Frozen IIDirected by Jennifer Lee and Chris Buck. Gerwig also celebrates becoming the highest-grossing director of a live-action film at the global box office thereafter Barbie Go beyond superhero pic of Anna Boden and Ryan Fleck Captain Marvelwhich earned $1.13 billion worldwide in 2019.

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there is more: Barbie You will soon miss The Dark KnightIt will become the highest-grossing Warners release of all time in North America with $534 million after closing Sunday with a domestic take of $526.3 million, unadjusted.

universal OppenheimerDirected by Christopher Nolan, it also continues to debut in its fourth weekend, earning $18.8 million against a domestic production north of $264 million. Overseas, it took in another $31.9 million for a whopping worldwide total of $649 million, making it Nolan’s fifth biggest film.

Barbie And Oppenheimer They fell by a paltry 36 percent and 35 percent, respectively, as they continued to dominate the upper reaches of the chart. In other words, Barpenheimer is living the dream.

Paramount Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Mayhem exceeded MiG-2: The Trench ranking third in its second weekend with an estimated $15.8 million, with a domestic total of $72.8 million through Sunday. The film is down just 44 percent. TMNTThe early worldwide total of $94.7 million.

Meg 2 It fell 58 percent to an estimated $12.7 million versus $54.1 million domestically, particularly behind the first film at the same point in that film. The Shark sequel is doing much more business overseas, taking in another $43.7 million this weekend against $202.8 million and $256.9 million globally.

It was the big drop of the weekend The last flight of Demeter from Amblin and Universal, although the film’s budget was capped at around $45 million. It’s the second Dracula-centric movie in 2023 to get a bit of a bite after it Renfieldalso released by Universal.

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Directed by Andre Overedal, The last flight of Demeter Adapted from a chapter from Bram Stoker’s classic novel Dracula About the merchant ship Demeter, hired to carry 50 unmarked wooden chests from the Carpathia to London, but there was no trace of the crew when they arrived. Corey Hawkins plays a doctor who joins the ship for its passage. Aisling Franciosi also stars.

Demeter The August total wasn’t expected to be much, which means summer domestic revenue still has a chance of hitting $4 billion on Barpenheimer’s continued strength.

TMNTAnd Meg 2 and the The last flight of Demeter It highlights the perils of having to open a summer movie amidst the twin strikes. WGA and SAG-AFTRA rules prohibit writers and actors from promoting any film, television, or broadcast program from an infested company.

Elsewhere in the top ten is the ill-fated Disney Haunted Palace It fell to fifth place in its third weekend with $5.6 million for a domestic total of $53 million and $76 million worldwide. (None of the film’s stars were able to attend the Disneyland premiere due to the strike.)

A24’s Talk to me It ranked sixth in its third weekend with $5.1 million against a domestic earning of $31.2 million, a respectable number for a major title.

Angel Studios Freedom’s voice It crossed $170 million domestically in its sixth weekend with $4.8 million, against a total of $172.8 million.

Aug. 13, 7:40 a.mUpdated with revised weekend estimates.
August 13, 9:00 a.mUpdated with revised weekend estimates.

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