Banned cheating steam trolls disguised as giveaways

Video game companies have gotten very creative when it comes to punishing cheaters Cut the strings of their umbrellas in Call of duty to Blow them up in Grand theft auto online. But Valve has just set a new standard for troll players: sending them permanent gifts wrapped like Christmas presents.

Seasonal brutality caught by the pros Dota 2 Player and player Mason “Mason” Finney. He opened Dota 2 Customer to see what looks like a surprise gift from Valve. However, when he opened it, the game revealed a “highly toxic coal block” which immediately banned him from playing “smurfing”, also known as playing on a secondary account to bypass the game’s skill-based matchmaking rules.

“What?” Vinnie exclaimed after revealing the gift. “I’ve been blocked?” A message appeared on the screen informing him that he had been banned from queuing for matches. This is the clipped moment from his recent Twitch stream (via ribbed):

Valve hinted at something like this in Dota 2 Frostivus 2023 latest update. “There is no point in denying this,” the company wrote. “King Kringle knows. He’s double-checked your behavior score, and he’s coming with his ban hammer to crush the Smurf accounts of all the naughty boys and girls, before doling out punishments to the main accounts associated with them.

Smurfing is a common practice in competitive multiplayer games where skilled players open new accounts for the chance to dunk on lower-level players. It’s fun and entertaining to stream, unless you’re on the receiving end, or if you’re Valve and trying to maintain the integrity and fairness of your second most popular online game. In September, before this latest wave, the company It revealed that it had banned 90,000 cheaters To indulge in this practice.

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A new batch of alleged Dota 2 They were cheaters Discovering that the ban hammer is back. The subreddit on Reddit is full of people being exposed to sudden lumps of toxic coal. While many fans are enjoying the chaos, some affected players are begging to have their accounts restored. Vinny is one of them.

“I played Dota for 13 years” he wrote. “I have never cheated, never abused any bug, and never abused any kind of MMR tricks.” But the pro admitted he briefly purchased an illicit third-party “behavior booster” to improve his in-game communication scores and stay positive and friendly. This is a big no no.

“I had never done anything like this in my 13 years of playing Dota 2, and when I realized it was wrong and the wrong way to go about things, I stopped it, and unfortunately you can’t undo a mistake you made,” he wrote. “I’m asking for a second chance, because I will never do anything like this again, and I never did in the past.”

‘Tis the season for forgiveness. We’ll find out how generous Valve is feeling.

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