Baltimore, USA: Emergency declared after bridge collapse – 6 more missing

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Governor declares state of emergency after bridge collapse – search continues for six missing people

“Nobody can be expected to be rescued alive yet.”

In Baltimore, a container ship hit a bridge and it collapsed. Many cars fell into the water. So far 2 people have been rescued. American correspondent Michael Wullenweber reports that it is unlikely that any survivors will be found.

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Serious accident in USA: A container ship collided with a major traffic bridge in Baltimore. Cars fall into water and search for missing people becomes difficult. The mayor speaks of “incredible sadness”.

NSix people are still missing after a bridge collapsed in Baltimore, Maryland. State Transport Minister Paul Wiedefeld made the announcement at a press conference. Two people have been rescued so far, one of whom has been hospitalized.

The victims are believed to be construction workers, Transport Minister Wiedefeld said. They are actively searching for the missing people. So the bridge's construction workers repaired the potholes; There is no construction work on the bridge structure. Engineers are going to examine the condition of the bridge and the debris field more closely.

In addition to air and water assistance, infrared and sonar technology has also been used in the rescue operation, officials said. In this way, five vehicles, including three cars and a concrete mixer, were identified under water. Officials did not initially say if there were people in the vehicles.

The low temperatures are a cause for concern, and not just in terms of fatalities, fire department spokesman Kevin Cartwright told CNN. The outside temperature feels like minus one degree Celsius or less, while the water temperature is nine degrees Celsius, Cartwright explained. “It can be worrying and dangerous for our divers.”

Scary movies “like an action movie”

US President Joe Biden was informed about the bridge collapse. The 81-year-old spoke of a “terrible accident” and vowed to get the vital port on the US East Coast back up and running as soon as possible. The bridge will be restored as quickly as possible, but it will take some time, Biden said.

Maryland Governor Wes Moore declared a state of emergency. He said there was no evidence of a terrorist attack. An accident is deemed to have occurred; Moore said employees reported an electrical problem shortly before the collision and sent out an emergency signal. Lives were saved as officials stopped traffic across the bridge. “These are heroes. They saved lives last night,” Moore said.

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A Hapag-Llyod freighter in the Suez Canal.  Due to Houthi attacks in the Red Sea, the shipping company is currently ignoring the route

Houthi attack in the Red Sea

On Tuesday night, a freighter crashed into a pillar of the four-lane Francis Scott Key Bridge, causing the bridge to mostly collapse. The ship caught fire and thick, black smoke rose. Baltimore Mayor Brandon Scott spoke of an “incredible tragedy” and “scary images like an action movie.”

The first emergency calls were received around 1:30 a.m. (local time). Several vehicles were reportedly on the bridge at the time, including one the size of a semi-trailer truck.

“Dali” team is doing well

According to the owners, the crew is doing well. According to a report obtained by the New York Times, there were no injuries on board. The owners confirmed the incident.

As several US media reported citing the Coast Guard, the “Dally” was a Singapore-flagged container ship bound for Sri Lanka from Baltimore. The ship is 290 meters long. On top of that Portal Marinetraffic The “Dally” reportedly left Baltimore Harbor at 1 a.m. (local time).

The Francis Scott Key Bridge was opened in 1977 and is 2.7 kilometers long.

The Francis Scott Key Bridge was opened in 1977 and is 2.7 kilometers long.

Source: AFP/Mark Wilson

Video footage on online services shows the illuminated bridge collapsing into the Patapsco River. The bridge pier that was struck first collapsed, then the entire steel structure bent in a tidal motion and parts of it fell into the river. As the sun rose, the extent of the collapse became apparent. The arches of the bridge jutted out of the water like skeletons. A CBS reporter on site was shocked to find the bridge “basically completely gone.”

The Francis Scott Key Bridge spans the Patapsco River as part of Interstate 695 southwest of Baltimore City. It opened in 1977 in an industrial and port city on the US East Coast and is used by more than eleven million vehicles each year. The port of Baltimore, the largest city in Maryland, USA, and the Patapsco River are considered important centers for shipping on the East Coast.

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