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Avoiding Genocide: Israel Submits List of Gaza Actions to World Court


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Avoiding Genocide
Israel submitted a list of Gaza operations to the World Court

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South Africa considers Israel's actions in the Gaza Strip a violation of the Genocide Convention – and is filing a case at the International Court of Justice. He demands that Netanyahu's government submit a report on measures taken to prevent genocide. Now it is available.

Israel has submitted a report requested by the International Court of Justice to the UN Court headquarters on measures to prevent genocide in the Gaza Strip. Israeli newspaper Haaretz reported this citing political sources. Thus the country complied with the deadline set by the court. The newspaper did not provide any information about the content of the report.

South Africa accused Israel of violating the Genocide Convention in the Gaza war. The UN court ruled in an interim ruling that Israel must take security measures to prevent genocide. In addition, there must be more humanitarian assistance to the suffering people in the Gaza Strip. It also called on Israel on January 26 to submit a report on the actions taken within a month.

Major actions can take years

Israel vehemently denies the accusations of genocide. It claimed its right to self-defense after terrorists from Hamas and other extremist groups attacked southern Israel on October 7, killing 1,200 people. The International Court of Justice decides on genocide charges in a lengthy process that can drag on for years.

The Israeli government is currently under fire for a planned ground offensive in Rafah, south of the Gaza Strip. Lakhs of people are staying there. The Israeli military recently presented a plan to pull out. Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's office said the army has submitted to the Israeli war cabinet “a plan for evacuating people from war zones in the Gaza Strip and a further operational plan.” The Palestinian Authority in the West Bank submitted its resignation.

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