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A wild feast took place on Saturday at the Austrian skiing cottage. In the middle of a corona infection. Among the guests: lorsi millionaire and “Runtastic” founder Florian Gschwandtner (38).

According to Austrian media reports, Kitzbühel’s best ski resort Corona was the scene of the feast. A party crowd gets drunk and dances, the place is full. An Abras-Sky Party straight from the picture book – just like before the Corona.

Videos of Saturday’s show have been circulating on the Internet. Start-up Millionaire (running application “Randastic”) posted one of them on Instagram.

Is he stupid?

Florian Gschwandtner was co-founder and managing director of the “Runtastic” startup, which joined Adidas in 2015 for மில்லியன் 220 million.Photo: Getty Images

In Austria, the number of new corona infections rose all the time on Sunday with 15,419 cases. Where the minimum distance cannot be maintained, FFP2 masks are mandatory. Skiing is allowed, eating and drinking only when seated, so après-ski halligalli is prohibited.

In the meantime he has The founder of Fitness App deleted the clip and apologized. Gschwandtner wrote, “It’s a mistake for all of us to take part in the Abras Sky with friends after a hard day’s skiing today. I’m sorry I did not do justice to my role as a role model (…).”

Auster, along with others, co-founded Fitness Processor “Runstatic” in 2009 and has long been the managing director of the start-up. In 2015, the company went to Adidas for மில்லியன் 220 million. According to local media, the businessman from Upper Austria is currently on vacation in Kidsbuhel (Tyrol).

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