Australia fines air travelers $2,000 for carrying unauthorized McMuffins

An air passenger was recently fined nearly $2,000 by the Australian government for failing to advertise two McMuffin Egg and Beef in their luggage.

The unknown traveler had arrived at Darwin Airport From Bali, according to the Australian Department of Agriculture, Fisheries and Forestry.

Undisclosed McMuffins confiscated by Australian Customs officials. (Commonwealth of Australia/Fox News)

A detective dog named Zinta sniffed the passenger’s backpack. After further inspection, officials found McMuffins and a pork croissant purchased in McDonald’s in Bali.

The passenger was slapped with a $2,664 “Notice of Violation” — or about $1,874 in US dollars — for “failing to declare potentially high-risk biosecurity items and to submit a false and misleading document.”

FAA proposes new deck barricade after intercepting passengers on escalating planes

Australia recently implemented new biosecurity rules after the spread of foot-and-mouth disease in Indonesia to Bali. The McMuffins were captured and tested before being destroyed.

“This will be the most expensive makas meal this passenger has ever had, and this fine is double the cost of a flight ticket to Bali, but I have no sympathy for people who choose not to comply with Australia’s stringent biosecurity measures, recent discoveries show that you will be arrested Minister of Agriculture and Fisheries The forests of Murray Watt He said in a statement. “Australia is free of FMD, and we want it to stay that way.”


He added: “Biosecurity is no joke – it helps protect jobs, our farms and our food and supports the economy. Travelers who choose to travel need to make sure they meet the entry requirements for Australia, by following all biosecurity measures.”

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