The iPhone X is witnessing huge demand and many carriers in the United States are running various offers for the handset to attract customers. If you’re planning to get an iPhone X from AT&T, here’s a complete lowdown on the pricing, plans, as well deals for the iPhone X that the carrier is currently offering.

To begin with, readers must be aware of the handset’s cost without a carrier. The 64GB variant of the iPhone X retails at $999, while its 256GB model retails at $1,149. AT&T is offering both monthly plans as well as the option to pay up-front. The carrier’s Next payment plans run for a period of 30 months, however, it amounts to the same price had you decided to pay up front.

AT&T’s monthly plans for the iPhone X 64GB model is $33.34/month, while the 256GB version of the handset features 30 $38.34 monthly payments. Also, you’ll need to have AT&T’s Plus plan which costs $90/month to be eligible for the carrier’s monthly plans.

If you decide to buy the iPhone X through AT&T’s upgrade program, the carrier is offering two plans called Unlimited Data Choice (3Mbps Data Speed) and Unlimited Data Plus.

For the handset’s 64GB model, you’ll have to pay $93.34 per month ($60 plan + $33.34 phone) if you go for Unlimited Data Choice. In Unlimited Data Plus, you’ll have to pay $123.34/ month which includes $90 for the plan and $33.34 for the handset. The 256GB version costs $98.34 per month in Unlimited Data Choice and $128.34 per month if you go for Unlimited Data Plus.

In AT&T’s trade in program, you can also get $300 off if you trade in your iPhone 7 Plus, or up to $200 off on other select devices. However, the trade-in deal is only available online or at select retail locations. For more information about AT&T’s trade in offer, you can follow the link here.

That said, AT&T’s trade-in offer isn’t such a good proposition as you can get well over $300 for your iPhone 7 Plus from a third-party retailer, provided it’s in a good condition. You can then use that money to pay up front for the iPhone X once you find a suitable plan from AT&T.